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Past Web Dev student launches sustainability Website 2 months after course!

Web Dev bootcamp online learning

Tash sat our November 2018 Web Dev Bootcmap and absolutley smashed it! Tash buckled down, got her website designed and live in the 10 days and has since gone on...
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Hannah relocates to Bali and launches dream company!

Web Dev

Hannah came to IOC at the end of 2018 with the intentions on building a website for her business Surf Connect Co. while siamltaneously launching both her webite and business...
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How Angels launched her business with four web clients just one month after our Web Dev Bootcamp!

Web Dev

Angel’s is one of our gun web dev students from 2017 - just one month after completing our web dev course she launched her very own web development business with...
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Angels, Spain

Web Dev

I'll be straight-forward: attending IOC's Web Development Bootcamp last December was one of the best investments I've ever made in my career. Or I should say the best. I don't even know where to start. The villa was a dream come true and the food was unbeatable (I've been addicted to smoothie bowls for breakfast since then), and the extra activities came perfect to help our brains loosen up after a day of full-on learning. Tina and her team had the vision of making us feel the best so we could absorb as much as possible in the classes. And guys, did that happen! We were taken care of like queens and kings. And the learning atmosphere was just intense (in the best way possible)! I had decided to re-focus my career to graphic design and website creation (which I always loved), so it could suit my OLN (Only Laptop Needed) nomadic lifestyle. IOC's Bootcamp provided me not only with knowledge about coding, but also it empowered me with the confidence to start freelancing and with the resources to keep expanding my knowledge and multiplying my possibilities as a designer and developer. It's only been 2 and a half months since I attended IOC's bootcamp, and I've already launched my freelancing business and am working with 3 clients. And this is just the start.

Lynn, UK

Web Dev

I first learned about the Institute of Code two years ago while on vacation in Bali. I had no idea what kind of coding bootcamp they exactly were but I was excited to learn more. I was working full-time as a Graphic Designer and wasn't sure how to start my journey into coding. I started following the IOC on Instagram and quickly realized they were serious about coding, teaching and of course, completely legit ;) Being from Canada, I wanted to make sure that traveling all the way to Bali (for a second time) would be worth my energy, time and money. I also really wanted to make sure I would be learning real-world skills from the ground up. The IOC did not disappoint. I started with very little knowledge of HTML and CSS and in 10 days completely learned how to build a website. And not only how to build a website properly, but beautiful as well. I’m not going to lie—it was intense. There was a lot of knowledge to wrap my head around, but surrounding myself with the right people in the right environment made it completely possible. I can actually say I learned a new skill set which I continue to grow and build on each and every day since taking their bootcamp. The knowledge Tina and her team bring to the table are second to none. With their support and the amazing community you build during and after the bootcamp, learning to code from the IOC has definitely been one of my most rewarding experiences.

Laura, Canada

Web Dev

I wanted to learn how to code and build my own website from scratch and I had absolutely no prior knowledge of coding (didn't even understand how it worked). The thing that appealed to me the most about the IOC course was that I could escape to Bali for 10 days and immerse myself in the course rather than try and squeeze it in around my full time job. It was a great balance of work and play with lessons and mentoring mixed in with sightseeing, relaxation and fun activities. Some people picked up coding quicker than others but Tina and the team were really patient with those (me for one) who struggled to grasp some of the more challenging aspects of building my website which I was really appreciative of. What Tina and the team have achieved in such a short time is inspiring. I would definitely be interested in attending more IOC courses in the future!

Tresna, Australia

Web Dev

The best training investment I made in 2017 (the year isn't over yet but I don't think I will be able to top it!). I really wanted to build my own website and learn enough about code to help me work with developers and build a bit of cred. I had looked at various other classes, but it was the intensive nature of IOC and the idea of learning in one of my favourite places in the world that helped me make my decision. Not only did I walk away with a website and some knowledge, but I met some amazing humans and got to enjoy the experience of being a student again for 10 days. The people, the food, the mentors, the giant pool, the beautiful surroundings of Bali made this truly incredible. I can't wait to return to take another course with IOC.

Naina, India

Social Media

Institute of Code is by far one of the best career investments I have made this year. Retracing my steps into a classroom has been both nostalgic and exciting. I was blessed to be in the company of spirited course mates from all across the world, all of whom will occupy a special place in my heart and be good friends for life. Our mentors have been some of the best and made sure all of us got one on one attention during classes. They have been truly patient, encouraging and have nurtured my appetite for change with their consistent moral support. The Lightroom workshop hosted by Emilio will be amongst my favorite lessons as it taught me to be an early pro in photography in 6 hours. I walked away from here with a new outlook on social media management and a lot more confidence.

Jacob, Australia

Social Media

I walked away from the course with a clear strategy and plan for exactly how to grow my business. I knew which areas to focus on (so I could maximise my time) and I knew how to pitch to brands to land both paid work and unpaid collaborations. Within the space of two months I had tripled my Instagram following. I’ve since landed free skydiving packages, a Kombi van hire for four days and a bunch of free clothing – all in exchange for content creation and promotion on my Instagram. And I’m getting paid work creating promotional videos and photos for clients. As part of the course we all developed a 12-month strategy for ourselves – and I am ahead of the goals I set for myself. If I keep going at this rate, I’ll be able to pursue this full-time within less than a year.

Laura, USA

Web Dev

IOC is the only way that I could have ever learned to code. I truly believe in the education Tina and Emile founded it on - if all of your basic needs are met, you are in a beautiful environment, then you have the headspace to accelerate your learning. 10 days of coding bootcamp in February and I went straight into freelance web development. IOC will give you relevant technology skills that are the basis of so many future careers. One of my best decisions of 2017!

Haley, Australia

Web Dev

Institute of Code was a truly unique and special life experience for me. It was the first time I got to spend time with incredible entrepreneurs and learn a skill that scared me. Whether it's coding or anything involving numbers, I always avoided these things I claimed to not be good at. I see myself as a creative type so anything with numbers, rules, and structure scared me. Learning to code while sitting in Bali (next to a pool even) made me realise that learning can be fun...something we forget after years of schooling. On top of that, I met friends at IOC that I am now working with and they'll continue to be a huge part of my life for years to come. My retreat was over a year ago and I still rave about this experience. I HIGHLY recommend it!!

Julia, New Zealand

Learning to code in Bali! First I was thinking "where is the catch..". But there is none! IOC offers exactly what you find on their channels. An amazing experience with like-minded people. You get to learn how to code in an amazing environment surrounded by great mentors, who are always there for you (even at 11pm, when you're still excessively coding). ;) Being a student in that kind of environment, with the IOC team to help wherever they can, is the best way to learn! I never made such a progress in such a short time! At now I am able to build my own websites from scratch! I would do it all over again! Thank you IOC for this great experience and teaching me how to code!


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