A beginner-friendly intro to web development

In this live weekend challenge we'll show you how to build a simple mini-website in HTML & CSS, host it online for free and connect a custom domain name. You don't need any previous experience, fancy software or technical know-how to complete this challenge -- just a web browser and an open mind!

what you will learn:

  • How to start coding in a web browser using Codepen
  • How to setup your html document
  • Create html elements like paragraphs, links, and images
  • How to style your typgraphy with colors & fonts
  • How to make beautiful grids & galleries
  • Step-by-step building your first live website
  • How to earn your first $1000 as a web developer

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a sneak peek.

Here's a sneak peek of what you'l learn

basics of HTML

First you'll learn how to create simple HTML elements like headings, paragraphs and links

basics of CSS

Then we'll show you how to style your elements with colors and negative space

styling typography

Next we'll learn how to style typography with CSS

creating buttons

We're show you how to create 6x different button from scratch

image galleries

Make your site pop with a beautiful image galleries.

build a coming soon page

Bring it all together with a simple coming soon page

build your first website

We'll walk you step-by-step through the process of building your very own live website!

<h1> This is a heading written in HTML code </h1>

<p> We can create a paragraph just like this </p>

h1 { color: red; }

(That's some CSS code to change the color of the h1 element to red!)

p { font-size: 20px; }

(now we've made the paragraph font-size 20px)

Easier than you thought huh?

what is coding?

You've heard all the buzz words, you know it some something to do with technology but let's be honest.. you are still confused about what coding actually is.

Coding is simply writing in a language that computers can understand. Just like spoken languages there are different coding languages for different purposes, including for building websites. We'll be learning HTML which creates the structure of the web (making headings, paragraphs, images, links etc) and CSS which is used to style HTML elements and make your websire beautiful.

Unlike using a drag-and-drop editor, being able to make changes to the code means that you have total control over your website and can customize it exactly how you want!

Perfect for beginners who want
to try coding for the first time

12+ video lessons

Easy to understand video tutorials that break down big concepts with simple language and practical step-by-step examples.

Practical activities

Every lesson comes with a simple activity to apply what you've learn, so you can grow your skills and build something for yourself.

Mentor feedback

Ask questions & share your activities for direct feedback and support from our experienced mentors.


Coding is more fun together, so we connect with other students from all over the world to learn together.

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General admission tickets for the weekend event are $125 per person and include access to the video tutorials, practical activities and mentor support via live chat for one weekend 2nd - 3rd December.



General admission tickets to the event are $125 USD each, but we have put aside a limited number of complimentary tickets as part of our community initiative to ensure everyone can access high quality education and learn life changing new skills. If you've been granted a complimentary ticket, then there is no cost to participate, the only apps used in the course are free and even the hosting that we recommend is free. If you want to connect your own custom domain, you would need to purchase that separately (around $12 per year) that but that's entirely optional.

This is a beginner-friendly challenge and we don't assume any previous experience so it's suitable even if you've never coded before. If you have, we still recommend you join from there is always something more to learn or another perspective to consider. All you need is a web browser, and while it's generally easiest from a computer you can also join from a tablet or iPad. With a phone you can watch the lessons, but it might be tricky to follow along from a small screen.

To make it easier for anyone to join, we've recorded each of the video lessons & practical activity instructions for you so they are playable on demand. What makes this a live event is that we'll be actively joining throughout the event, cheering you on from the sidelides, supporting you if you get stuck and celebrating as you write your first lines of code! Our team is based in Bali, Indonesia but we'll also have mentors available across all time-zones to help you even if you're joining while we're sleeping.

We welcome anyone who feels this course would be valuable to them to join - open to anyone, anywhere. Please feel free to invite a friend, simply share this page with them.

We have limited the live event to a maximum of 1000 people. To request a spot, simply fill in the application and tell us why you're interested in learning to code - we'll let you know via email if you've been sucessful. While we wish we could open this access to everyone, we wanted to limit it to give the best possible experience to those who are joining - a hands-on weekend where we'll have mentors available on-demand and access to our custom-build learning hub with videos, interactive coding activities and more. We definitely recommend you get in quick before the spots fill up.

We're keeping it open for one full weekend on the 2nd - 3rd December. The total content is around 4+ hours, with a few hours worth of activities so two days should be more than enough time to get through everything. We'll have mentor support available across both days to help you if you get stuck. At the end of that time you'll be able to keep any projects you have coded, but not the video tutorials or access to the online platform. If you do want to purchase lifetime access, we'll be offering all participants 50% off our Web Dev Foundations course which includes these lessons and many more.

Yes! Anything you create is yours to keep and you can use it for yourself, or even for a client. We'll even show you where you can host it for free. All the more reason to clear your schedule and make the most of the weekend.

Yes! The beauty of coding is that it's endlessly customizable, and we'll show you how to adapt the fonts, colors, images, and more for the website you build to suit your brand.

Yes, lifetime access to the course materials is available as part of the Web Dev Foundations course, and it's only 50% off if you purchase within 1 week of the challenge. This includes ongoing access to our online learning hub, all the videos, the discussions from the weekend, all lesson notes etc.

who is this course for?

The phrase 'coding' sounds intimidating, but this courses is totally beginner-friendly -- if you can login to facebook or send off an email you have enough technical know-how to complete this course.

This course is for you whether you are looking to one day become a web developer, or just want to be empowered to understand the basics of the web, and build a site you can be proud of (without spending thousands on a developer)! Coding isn't some elusive skill for 'the Zuckerbergs' of the world, it's an essential literacy for the modern world.

meet your mentor,
Tina May

Tina launched her first business at only 20 years old helping small businesses all over the world get themselves online through web development, digital marketing and social media management. She's since taught herself to code, built Institute of Code from the ground up and and taught hundreds of students Web Development.

'I learnt to code only after struggling through all the options -- I tried Wix, Weebly & Squarespace, I used wordpress templates and I outsourced to supposedly experienced developers. Frustrated and wanting to take control of the process I finally learnt to code, and after months of stressing and struggling I wished I had learnt earlier. It's so empowering being able to code, and even just learning the basics is enough to make a huge difference.'

We're the Institute of Code

When we first dreamed up Institute of Code we tried to forget everything we knew about what a school was and re-imagine what a school could be.

We prioritse the success of every single student, and use everything we know about educational psychology and human performance to build a program that doesn't just teach people skills but empowers them to launch new career.

We help people like you learn in demand digital skills and launch a new career in Photography, Marketing or Web Development where they can work from anywhere in the world.