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Our courses help students from all over the world learn tangible digital skills and build a career they love. Over 5 years we've taught over 500 students from 25 different countries and received consistent 5-star reviews and glowing recommendations from our students. Our number one priority is helping each and every student succeed, and we do that through our innovative education model, comprehensive course materials and hands-on student support. What that means for you, is that you can feel confident sharing our programs with your audience knowing that you can recommend our courses from a place of integrity knowing anyone who enrolls will be provided the very best quality of education.

about our partner program.

how it works

Share valuable freebies

We know that the best way to encourage people to enroll isn't to push sales but to provide value. From generous scholarship programs to high-value free workshops, we're constantly creating resources and freebies that you can share with your audience -- providing value that builds trust and demonstrates our expertise.

Offer exclusive promotions

Our affiliates are the first to know about any scholarships or promotions we're running, and for the right person we can also create tailored exclusive promotions (bonus lessons, discounts, etc) specifically for your audience. We know that giving more value increases the likelihood of a successful enrollment, and we're here to help.

Earn generous commissions

We consider every single ambassador to be an extension of our own team, and part of the IOC family. Not only are we generous in the commissions we offer (up to 15% of tuition) we're also generous in how to track them - with a 45 day tracking cookie and numerous backups methods to make sure every single commission is tracked.

our promise

Education is our life and we take our commitment to our students and our partners seriously. We guarantee that we will always operate with transparency and integrity, and that you can trust us to deliver every promise we make to the potential students you refer.

  • Independent affiliate tracking with Tapfiliate
  • Transparent commission structure
  • We'll provide high-converting freebies
  • Track clicks and email signups
  • Earn up to $295 USD per enrollment


We don't have any minimum follower requirements - you don't need 100k on instagram or massive blog traffic. We're looking for people who have a community (big or small) who might be interested in learning new skills and building a new career. You get to share free masterclasses, scholarships, and templates with your audience AND get paid when they enroll in one of our bootcamps.

Once approved as a partner, we'll give you your own custom affiliate tracking links. When you share one of these links (could be directly to a bootcamp page, or to one of our freebies) it places a tracking cookie on the users browser, and registers that user in Tapfiliate (the tracking program). For every person who clicks on your link and then enrolls in one of the bootcamps (digital or in-person) within 45 days, you'll earn a sweet commission. So all you need to do is share, through any form of social media, email campaign, or blog post pages from our website with this unique tracking link with your audience, and then you'll have a chance to earn commissions on every enrollment.

We use a platform called Tapfiliate for transparent third-party affiliate tracking. In the Tapfiliate dashboard you can see lots of analytics, like how many people clicked on your link, signed up for freebies or scholarships, or enrolled in the bootcamp. We use a generous 47-day tracking cookie, and also track freebie signups so that if someone signs up for a freebie but then clears your cache we can still attribute that person to you.

Yes! While it's great to talk directly about the bootcamps as well, you can absolutely participate in our partner program even if you only want to share free masterclasses, templates and scholarships with your audience. You earn a commission when someone signs up for the freebie through you, then goes on to enroll in one of the bootcamps within 45 days.

This happens a lot, and it's the reason we've implemented a more advanced tracking process - tracking freebie signups as well as paid enrollments. So long as someone entered their email for something on our website, we can still honor the commission for you even after they clear their browser cookies.

This doesn't happen often, but if it does we'll honor whoever was the last affiliate link they clicked on, as this is the one most likely influential in their decision.

Send us an email at hello@instituteofcode.com we'd love to chat and answer your questions.

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