Business of Photography

Immersive 4-week business accellerator to scale your profits and streamline your photography business.

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take your photography business to new heights

This immersive digital bootcamp will show you step by step how to start attracting your dream clients, scale your photography income and streamline your operations so that you can say goodbye to burnout and remember why you wanted to be your own boss in the first place.

With over a decade of experience running a successful creative agency, we'll teach you proven strategies, step-by-step workflows and go behind the curtain to share everything you've always wanted to know about running a profitable photography business.

An immersive digital bootcamp

The Business of Photography is so much more than an online course - it's an immersive 4 week digital bootcamp where you have weekly projects to complete, direct mentor feedback on the work you submit, weekly live Q&As and a community of fellow photographers sharing the journey.

By the end of the bootcamp, you'll refine your niche, optimise your portfolio, pitches & packages and have a comprehensive strategy to scale towards hitting $10k months while still having the time to enjoy your life.

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let's get you booked out & thriving

Building a 6-figure photography business isn't easy, but we break it down into actionable steps that you can apply, no matter your niche. From understanding your financials, to attracting your ideal client, crafting the perfect pitch, structuring your packages to maximise your profits, and of course how to confidently get the sale we'll cover it all. And not just in theory, but with real case studies, pitch templates, email copy and more.

and bring the joy back into being your own boss.

You started your own business because you wanted the freedom to work when you wanted, where you wanted and how you wanted - not to be a slave to your desk. We take a decade of experience running a creative agency and show you how to streamline your business and work smarter, not harder. Professional workflows and systems to make client communication a breeze, keep your projects organised and on schedule, optimise your time and make your business more profitable.

So much more than an online course

65+ video lessons

Step-by-step tutorials that cover every aspect of growing and running a successful photography business.

Practical activities

Every lesson comes with practical steps to implement for your own business, so that you can start seeing results right away.

Mentor feedback

Submit your work for weekly activities to our mentors for direct one-on-one feedback by mentors with years of industry experience.

Editable Templates

We don't just teach you practical skills, we also share all of details templates and resources from onboarding client guides, to pitches and project management templates.

Weekly live Q&A

Each week our lead instructors will host a live Q&A digging deeper into topics we covered that week and answering all of your questions.


Imagine being surrounded by a community of photographers from around the world who are supporting you & growing together.

get expert advice and grow your business.

Imagine being able to sit down with someone who's been in your shoes and built a thriving photography business - you can take everything you learn through our comprehensive lessons, apply it to yourself and then get one-on-one feedback on your business strategy, pricing & packages, your portfolio, your website and more. This isn't a self-paced course, actionable feedback is a core part of the program.

6 months in our private mastermind community.

Keep your momentum going with complimentary access (worth $175 per month) to our private mastermind community. From behind-the-scenes detailed case studies on real client projects, to interviews with photographers who have successfully hit $10k months in their business, this mastermind is filled with actionable insights you can apply to your own business. Got a question or client issue? Ask us anything and every week we'll go live answering your questions and showing you exactly how we would solve any problems you're facing or opportunties you could be taking advantage of.

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Only 30 spots available for the program which starts in Feb 2023 - get on the waitlist and be the first to receive all the course details, as well as earlybird pricing & launch bonuses.

We're the Institute of Code

When we first dreamed up Institute of Code we tried to forget everything we knew about what a school was and re-imagine what a school could be.

We prioitise the success of every single student, and use everything we know about educational psychology and human performance to build a program that doesn't just teach people skills but empowers them to launch a new career

We help people like you learn in demand digital skills and launch a new career in Photography, Social Media or Web Development where they can work from anywhere in the world.

And because we are passionate about seeing them succeed we provide lifetime technical and career support on the skills they have learnt.