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2024 strategy sesh

How to start a business in 90 days

Taught by Tina @hellotinamay

Get our comprehensive skills guide

Looking for the comrehensive guides for each industry - photography, web development, or marketing? Find our latest post on our facebook page or instagram account and comment below telling us which guide you would like, and we’ll send you a DM with access to it this week! These guides break down in detail not just what skills you need to master, but why each one is important and it’s based around the curriculum we’ve spent years refining - for those of you who are DIY-ing your learning, this guide will save you countless hours and all the frustration of having to figure it out on your own.

One-on-one business advice (this week only)

Want one-on-one advice on your business? This week Tina has set aside a few hours every day to donate to the community, answering your questions about your business goals specifically. Send her a DM on whatsapp and tell her a little bit about you and your business and ask her anything - she’ll send you a personal voice memo answering as many of your questions as she can.

Want us by your side every step of the way?

We hope you’ve found these strategy session lessons helpful as you plan your new year, and if you want to go further this is only a tiny fraction of the knowledge and practical techniques we share in each of our digital bootcamps. We pull back the curtain and share step-by-step exactly how to build a successful business as a photographer, web developer or social media manager.

While you absolutely could figure this stuff out on your own, we take the stress and the hassle out of learning and making it a process you’ll actually enjoy - teaching you everything you need to know, without any of the fluff you don’t and being by your side to support you every step of the way, giving feedback on every activity, answering every questions and providing the accountability you need to make sure you are ready to launch your business in 90 days. Our students have one-on-one access to us & out team throughout the bootcamp and in the 6 month mastermind after it ends, so we’re there for you not only while you’re learning the skills but also to help as you land your first clients and grow your business.

Learn more about our 8-week zero-to-hero digital bootcamps:

Enrollments for our 2024 digital & Bali bootcamps are open now and if you are ready to change your life, or just curious enough to chat to one of our course advisors and see if it’s the right fit for you send us a DM. We like to reward those who move quickly, so we’ve got a sweet little bonus for the first 10x people to take action and book a call with a course advisor.

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