We want to help mothers build careers that fit their schedules and excite their minds.

This scholarship is for moms everywhere -- whether you are currently expecting, coming back from maternity leave, a stay-at-home mom or empty-nester. We want to help you launch a new career, one that empowers you to work from anywhere, support your family and live your life on your own terms. We know how many obstacles mothers face when building their careers, and we want to help change that by giving you the skills, the portfolio and the support to launch a new career or profitable side hustle.

It's time for you to prioritise yourself.

We're giving away 1x full-ride scholarship and 10x $1000 partial scholarships that can be used towards either of our immersive courses, the Web Development or Social Media Bootcamp in Bali.

You'll walk away after this 2 month program (6 weeks remote + 10 days in Bali) with tangible digital skills and a resume enhancing live portfolio, ready to start a new career as a web developer or social media manager. And with our lifetime support guarantee, we'll be by your side long after the course ends.

This is something we've been passionate about for a long time - with our girl-boss founder driving the way, over 80% of our students have been female. That's why we've been committed to initiatives that break down the barriers for women in tech, and why we are excited to announce this giveaway -- it's an opportunity to do more, to make an impact.

Ready to change your life?

We're offering 1x full ride scholarship + 10x $1000 scholarships to mothers from all over the world.

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Start a new career in two months

Our hybrid model combines online and in-person learning to help you launch a completely new career in less than two months (no degree or previous experience required).

The program starts with a self-paced online course learning from experts in the field through engaging video tutorials and practical activities. You can work through the content at your own pace (in as little as 4 days, or spread over a few hours a week for 6 weeks) and our mentors will be available via chat, email and skype to support you every step of the way.

Then you fly to Bali for an immersive 10 day bootcamp, building on your skills with practical experience and creating a resume-boosting portfolio of practical work. After the program, we've got your back with lifetime technical & career support.

Social Media Bootcamp

Choose this course to learn everything you need to know to become a social media manager or grow your side project into a legitimate business.

This course covers everything from photography & photo editing, to social media management, to blogging and SEO and equips you not just with the skills but with a tangible 12-month strategy (just for you) and all the templates you need to start pitching and landing clients right away.

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Web Development Bootcamp

Choose this course to learn how to build responsive websites from scratch and launch a new career in tech or start building your side hustle.

With no previous technical experience we'll teach you how to code responsive websites and blogs using HTML, CSS, jQuery & Jekyll. And unlike most courses, we don't just say goodbye when the program ends, we provide unlimited lifetime support to all of our students to help you with any technical or career questions after the course ends.

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Our Campus in Bali

While in Bali, we take away all the stress and distractions of every day life. We hold our workshops in an environment designed to cater to your every need so that you can just focus on what you came here to do -- learn. Each day you wake up at our private campus in Canggu Bali, and wander downstairs for swim in the pool or optional sunrise yoga. All of your meals will be provided by our in-house chef team, and our resident IOC-puppy, Houdini, is always around to make you smile (studies show having a dog around reduces stress and improves productivity!)

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Scholarship Details & FAQs

We are offering 1x full ride scholarship (worth $4500 USD) and 10x partial scholarships worth $1000 USD each. If selected, this scholarship can be used towards our Web Development Program or Social Media Program, both of which include a 6 week online course combined with a 10-day intensive bootcamp held in Bali, Indonesia along with lifetime support.

We’ve just created scholarships specifically for mothers who want to learn new skills and begin a career in social media management or web development.

This scholarship is created with the intention of supporting mothers from all over the world. We'll consider any applicant who is aligned with that intention. This includes mothers who have had a misscarriage or lost their child, as well as trans-gender or genderqueer parents.

We created this scholarship with the intention of empowering mothers who statistically have a harder time breaking into and growing their careers while balancing the demands and societal expectations of parenting.

If you have are a stay-at-home or single dad who has taken on the demands of parenting yourself, feel free to apply for this scholarship.

We're a 'zero-to-hero' program. You don't need any previous experience to attend our programs, and through our online modules before the bootcamp, we start at the absolute beginning and get you up to speed. We also provide lifetime support -- this is one program where you don't have to worry about being left behind.

The only required equipment is a laptop (any laptop that you can use for basic web browsing should be fine for either course). For the social media course you will have the opportunity to learn manual photography on whatever camera you have, but this isn't a requirement and some students choose to learn and practice on their smart-phone (ie iPhone, Android) .

The first portion of the course are self-paced online modules that can be spread part-time over around six weeks (just a few hours per week) or completed intensively in around four days. This portion is all online and be completed anywhere (including at home!) at your own pace.

You'll have unlimited access to our mentor support throughout this time -- via email, live chat and Skype video call -- as you work through the video modules and activities.

We've had dozens of moms attend our program over the past few years and the initial reaction is often the same -- what will I do with the kids? There is always a way to make it happen, and we can help you figure out an option that works for you. There are a few different options we have seen parents take in the past. Many are suprised to see the amount of support they receive when they share their education goals with family and friends -- offers for childcare help, etc.

One mom (who was still breastfeeding) decided to turn the trip into a family event -- her partner & daughter came to Bali with her. We helped them organise a private pool villa just around the corner, and she ducked out of class at lunch to see and feed her daughter.

Others were nervous about taking the time for themselves but soon felt empowered after having taken to weeks to do something just for them after years of always putting everyone else first.

The tution cost is $4500 USD -- the full ride scholarship covers this whole amount, and the partial scholarships covers $1000 USD with $3500 USD remaining. We only require a minimum of 50% to be paid before the course date and the balance can be split into interest-free installments over 6-12 months.

This tuition cost includes the 6 week online course, as well as all accommodation, meals, activities and airport transfers for the bootcamp in Bali. Flights are not included in either scholarship as our students come from all over the world.

We'd love to help, just send our team a message at hello@instituteofcode.com and we can answer all of your questions.