Let's get you on the first page of google

You've built yourself a beautiful website, written witty blog posts, launched it to the world ... and then nobody has had a chance to see them.

Search engine optimisation is the art and science of creating content that will rank highly in Google searches, and send free traffic to your website, blog or online store. And it's easier that you probably think.

In this SEO masterclass we're going to walk you step-by-step through how to create an SEO strategy, which factors are most important to your ranking, and how to brainstorm content ideas that will land you on the elusive first page of google.

We're the Institute of Code

We help people like you learn in demand digital skills and launch a new career in Social Media or Web Development where they can work from anywhere in the world .

Our hybrid program takes them from zero previous experience to profitable business in two months through 6 weeks self-paced online (with mentor support of course) and then a 10-day immersive bootcamp in Bali. We take our students away from the stress and distractions of everyday life, to an environment dedicated to helping them thrive at our campus in Bali - with daily yoga, an in-house chef team, beautiful learning environment and more.

And because we are passionate about seeing them succeed we provide lifetime technical and career support on the skills they have learnt.