bali bootcamp


Course Handbook 2023

oh hey there,

welcome to our
life-changing bali bootcamp.

We are so excited for you to join our photography Bali bootcamp. Its going to be a jam-packed 10 days of learning, exploring and growing your business. 

We wanted to give you a little run down on what to expect, to hopefully answer some of your burning questions and to get you pumped up for this incredible experience!

dates & details

what's included

10-day Bali bootcamp

  • 10 nights accomodation at our private villa
  • 10 days of practical workshops
  • All meals by our in-house chef team
  • Daily yoga & mindfulness meditation
  • All excursions & activities
  • Return airport transfer

12-month coaching program

  • Monthly group coaching calls
  • On-demand live-chat & text support
  • Expert guest interviews
  • Behind-the-scenes on real client projects
  • Direct feedback on your portfolio & strategy
  • Support with client pitches & business growth
  • A private community with weekly prompts

8-week digital bootcamp (bonus worth $2250)

  • 105+ Video Lessons
  • Practical activities & assignments
  • Personal mentor feedback & support
  • Editable professional templates
  • Weekly Live Q&A
  • Private IOC Community

business of photography (bonus worth $2250)

  • 65+ Advanced Video Lessons & Case Studies
  • Practical activities & assignments
  • Professional templates & resources
  • Advanced business strategy & support

bootcamp dates

Check-In: 3rd November 2023

Check-Out: 13th November 2023

The bootcamp starts on the 4th November, but you can check into the villa (check-in at 4pm) the evening before the bootcamp starts so that you can wake up refreshed from the first day, and check-out on the afternoon of day 10 (the 13th).

Most of our students stick around in Bali to explore for a few extra nights and often book a place to stay together, so we recommend waiting until you arrive to book any extra accommodation.

secure your spot

You can secure your spot with a $750 deposit or by pay upfront before the 31st January and save $250 off the tuition fee (normally $6250) & receive over $4000 in bonuses. This deposit is non-refundable, but can be transferred to a different date*.

There are only 16 spots in each cohort, and we can't guarantee you a place until the deposit has been paid. Enroll today

Enroll now $750 deposit

or Pay upfront $6000

what to expect

get in the
flow state

We have an amazing team dedicated to helping you have the best experience possible — a yoga instructor who leads daily yoga lessons, our mentor team, and of course a team of local superstars (retreat manager, chefs, butlers, gardener, housekeepers, massage therapist) whose entire role is to take care of your every need so that you can focus on learning.

Around the clock one of our team members will be there to help you whether you forgot your toothbrush or maybe you need an extra pillow — our highest priority is creating the ultimate learning environment for you, so if there is anything you need to make that happen just ask.

class structure

Each day we’ll work on coursework from around 9am - 4:30pm, with a few short breaks & of course lunch.

This is not your typical school, you won't be sitting in the classroom listening to a lecture for hours on end, over 90% of your time will be spent learning by doing through live photoshoots, practical projects or immersive masterminds - either at the villa or on location

You'll learn from experts in the field, sharing everything they know and giving you actionable feedback to help you develop your skills faster.

eat & drink

We’ve got a fabulous team of chefs who whip up delicious meals for us (a mix of local and international cuisine) each day of the bootcamp. Breakfast is served a-la-carte while lunches and dinner are generally served family style so that you can mix and match your favorite dishes.

We know that food is not only fuel but also a source of joy and connection, so we nourish our students with incredible meals and can adapt to just about any dietary requirements (our chef team has experience catering to vegan, vego, paleo, celiac diets as well as food allergies).

a community like no other

One of the things that we love most about the bootcamps is watching a group of strangers come together and become family.

During the bali bootcamp you'll learn together, explore together, share meals and stories, and connect with a tribe of people who think differently - who share a drive to do more with their lives and forge their own path.

It's a pretty special experience. Whether you're an extrovert who thrives in social situations or an introvert who is going to love exploring the beautiful gardens and quite spaces around the villa we know you're going to feel right at home at IOC.

a day in the life

here's is a little insight into what the daily schedule will look like.

6:15am coffee is brewed

Oh the sweet sweet taste of coffee, if you’re anything like us, coffee is a must to get you ready for the day. So we wanted to give all the early risers, the chance to fuel up. Don’t like coffee? Its ok, we don’t hold it against you, which is why we'll have a variety of teas and freshly made Jamu available for you as well.

6:45 - 7:30am Yoga

What better way to start your day than with a yoga class in a beautiful villa? We start nice and early while it's still cool outside and so you have enough time to enjoy the zen before jumping straight into breakfast and class. Our yoga teacher is amazing and has developed a flow that is both relaxing and great for beginners & experienced yogi's alike.

7:45 - 8:45am breakfast

Hot damn is this a vibe, everyone is pumped for the day, the smell of coffee and pastries is in the air and the food is to die for. We offer 2 options each morning, a savory option or a sweet one (and of course catering to your dietary requirements) - feeling hungry, go on, order both! Breakfast times are pretty rock solid, so make sure you’re up and ordering around 7:30 so you aren't rushed for class (don’t worry, if your alarm clock has a catastrophic meltdown, we won’t let you go hungry).

9:00 - 12:30pm class time

Grab your laptop and settle in for class. Depending on the day we might be on location for a live photoshoot, in the main classroom together for a business mastermind, or split up into small groups working closely with our mentors on practical projects. During this period, we try to keep you fed, watered and relaxed, so just let us know if you need a coffee or cold drink.

snacks on snacks on snacks

Throughout the day, we'll have an assortment of snacks on hand for you to grab at your convenience as well as dedicated snack breaks to refuel. Each day the kitchen will whip up something new to keep your brain functioning and squash any of those mid-morning grumbles (and your taste buds won't be complaining either!)

12:30 - 1:30pm lunch time

Family style is what lunch is all about, getting together in the main outdoor dining room, surrounded by the gardens and our koi pond (talk about relaxing). Each day we’ll serve up something new and exciting. For anyone with allergies or specific dietary requirements, our community manager will be there to walk you through all the options and make sure any allergens are separated and labeled so you know what’s safe for you. Even though we have a full hour for lunch, usually students finish up eating earlier than that and we encourage you to lay by the pool or go for a swim or maybe even a quick nap (we love naps!) - take this time to unwind and relax before jumping back into class.

1:30 - 5:00pm class time

Class is back in session! We know that sometimes our brains can be a bit slower in the afternoon so we try to structure more one-on-one time with mentors and fun activities during our afternoon classes to keep your brain engaged.

5:00 - 6:00pm mentor hours

We know that sometimes your questions come after all that learning has marinated, so each day we will have at least one mentor hour available after class to help answer those burning questions. We keep this time pretty informal, maybe that’s some time working through a challenging bit of code, or maybe it's chilling on the couch with your mentor, or it might be having a drink in the pool or playing a game of billiards while you pick their brains on running a business.

7:00pm dinner

Family style - loud, big laughs, wild stories and good food. We love coming together after a big day of learning, some of us are enjoying a beer or glass of wines while others are just stoked on learning something new. Similar to lunch we will have a new meal each night (Japanese, Italian, Indian, French and of course Indonesian all make an appearance) and I'm not sure there is anything that garners more excitement at the villa than our community manager calling out 'dinner is ready'. And if you stick around after, you just might be lucky enough to snag one of chef Putu's homemade deserts.

rest and repeat

You might notice a few things missing in this schedule for your average day - there is no cooking, cleaning, or commuting. You don't have to think about splitting the bill or navigating traffic, or anything other than learning. When you finish for the day, you can have a late-night swim, chat with other students and mentors about life on the couch, book an in-house massage or just snuggle up in bed for a good night sleep. We take care of every single one of your needs so that you can just focus on learning life-changing new skills and building your dream business.

our campus

tour the rooms

Each room has its own unique qualities, some with a beautiful balcony view, while others are tucked into the landscape with their own little outdoor shower. But at the end of the day they are super cozy, with cold aircon (for those that aren’t quite ready for bali heat) and comfortable king-single beds. 

Our rooms are huge, and each one has it's own private bathroom and plenty of space to share with 1-2 classmates of the same gender. Past students that weren’t sure about sharing a room with another classmate ended up loving the experience & many have built lifelong friends with their room mates - like a grown-up summer camp.

our classroom

This is where the magic happens - our big, airy classroom surrounded by gardens & natural light, what a space to learn!

Most of our classes will be held here in our air-conditioned classroom and we couldn't ask for a better space to learn.

At the end of the room you'll find a fridge loaded  ice cold drinks, lots of snacks and unlimited coffee, tea & coconut water to keep you going. 

This won't be our only spot to learn, often splitting into smaller groups and working around the villa in the afternoons - under the shade of the try, or sitting together on the sofa, we're spoilt for choice in this 3000m2 villa.

nestled in nature

We LOVE our villa, it has the perfect mix of luxury and nature, with big grassy areas, lots of shady trees, a 18m pool (perfect for laps) and even a billiard table. 

We have lots of areas for you to chill out, from the sun lounges, to the bale at the end of the pool, as well as big comfy couches in the main living area. 

The villa itself is located about a 15 mins drive from downtown Canggu or 20 mins to the closest beach (pending traffic of course). We also have a big supermarket & zero waste grocery store just up the street  that has loads of essentials if you want anything in particular. Remember that you can always ask one of our staff and they can pick things up for you too if you don’t feel like taking on that adventure! 


Generally the digital photography bootcamp is a separate course and if you want access, you would need to purchase that separately, but if you enroll in the Nov 2023 Bali bootcamp before the 1st September 2023, you’ll receive access to the 8-week digital bootcamp (worth $2250) at no extra cost.

If you don't have much previous photography experience we recommend making sure that you complete at least the chapters on foundations of photography, manual photography, and lightroom editing before you attend.


You no longer need to be fully vaccinated for COVID to enter Bali.

Citizens of most countries can receive a visa on arrival when they land (valid for 30 days) in Bali airport, and it costs approx $35 USD. You can pay this in either IDR or USD, and we believe they might even have an option to pay via debit/credit card too now.

You do need to have a minimum of 6 months validity on your passport, so it’s worth double checking the expiry date if you aren’t sure.

You’re also required to have comprehensive travel and medical insurance. You can choose whichever provider you like, we generally recommend SafetyWing as an affordable option, or you can go with a provider of your choice.

Don’t worry we’ve got your back - we’ll be sharing lots of information in the lead up to the bootcamp to help you prepare and you’ll have on-demand access to our team who have lived on the island for years and can answer all your questions, whether you need help figuring out visa and flight information, want recommendations on where to stay if you want to extend your trip to Bali, or want to know to what to pack.

And one month before the trip starts we’ll connect you to other students in your bootcamp via a private facebook group so that you can connect with each other as well!

When you land in Bali, your tuition includes 10x nights accomodation, all meals prepared by our in-house chef team, fresh drinking water, tea and coffee, and daily yoga. It also includes complimentary pickup the day before the bootcamp starts from either the airport, or a hotel in Seminyak, or Canggu. If you need transportation from somewhere else on the island, or on an earlier day we can organise it for you at your own cost.

The tuition doesn’t include flights to Bali, travel or medical insurance, any vaccinations or medication you choose to take. While meals are included, premium drinks like alcoholic beverages or cold-pressed juices are not included, and are available for purchase. In-house spa treatments and massages are also available at an additional cost.

Most students find they don’t need to spend any personal money during the 10 day bootcamp, except if they want to purchase drinks or souvenirs.

The $750 deposit to secure your spot is non-refundable, so we recommend that you purchase complimentary travel insurance that could cover you if you needed to cancel the program due to accident or injury.

Beyond the deposit, you’re eligible for a partial refund on the tuition based on how far away the bootcamp is. More than 3 months before, you can cancel for a full refund (excluding the deposit). More than 2 month before you can cancel for a 50% refund, or transfer your spot to another session date at no extra cost (if the new bootcamp dates aren’t the same price, a course-difference fee might apply). Less than 60 days before the bootcamp starts, no refund is possible.

We understand the international travel feels less certain given the past two years with covid, so in the event that the bootcamp can’t run due to covid related border closures, travel restrictions or lockdowns, then you’ll receive the option of a full refund or transfer to an alternative date.

This is that boring fine print at the bottom of the page.

Beyond what's listed here, have a read of the extended terms and conditions and of course ensure you're up to date on travel requirements to get to Bali, Indonesia.

We won’t be able to offer a refund if for any reason you aren’t able to attend last minute or need to leave the course part way through, so make sure your insurance is all hunky dory and covers this.

We reserve the right to change the location, inclusions, or schedule at any time as needed. Any activities you undertake while attending our program are at your own risk, whether at the villa or on the way to or from the program or taking part in third party activities.

While we take care to offer you the best options for third party activities any liability for the delivery of services is solely between the third party and you. So please don’t engage in any services or activities you aren’t comfortable with.