It's a structured 8 week program where you have dedicated lessons and activites each week - each week new lessons unlock, and unce they have been unlocked they stay open forever. All the lessons are available on-demand (so you can watch them any time of day) and if you fall a little behind you'll have plenty of opportunities to catch up. We understand life happens, and our team are here to support you every step of the way.

It will require a minimum of 5-7 hours of your time per week to complete the course, and these hours can be entirely suited around your schedule, there is no set times or days needed. 

Check out our video below on 'What's the structure of the course'

One of the most important parts of our digital bootcamp model is the hands-on support provided by mentors. We have numerous challenges for support and every single lesson includes a practical activity that you can share with the mentors for one-on-one feedback. We also have weekly Q&As where you can ask questions specific to your needs or to go more in-depth in the content offered. It's the most hands-on, supportive program of it's kind and one of the things our alumni rave about most in their reviews.

Our digital bootcamps are so much more than an online course, and worlds away from DIY learning on youtube. They are in-depth, comprehensive, and practical. They go beyond surface level knowledge to share insights into the entire professional workflow and client process that most people never share.

We consolidate absolutely everything you need to learn into one program so that you don't have to waste time on videos that overlap or contradict and fill in all the gaps so that you are ready to launch your own business. And we support you personally every single step of the way. For a full explanation of how we're different, scroll down to the video below titled 'So much more than an online course'.

You have access to all the course materials (videos, templates, resources, etc) for life. After the bootcamp you stay part of a private community just for your cohort, with the other students who have attended the same session as you as well as an alumni community for all of our students from that bootcamp. We'll continue supporting you through the community, where we encourage you to ask for help, share your wins, etc and we'll continue to share updated tips, tricks and resources.

We regularly update the course materials and you'll continue to receive all of those new lessons and resources as well.

In the event of exceptional circumstances preventing you from attending during the 8-week portion, our team can transfer you to another cohort at no additional cost

You can choose to the tution pay in full upfront or pay a $150 deposit and the balance up to 1 week before the program starts. If you need a payment plan (ne extra fees of interest), we can provide one, just send us a message via live chat or book a call with a course advisor to discuss.

Yes! As soon as you enroll (either with a $150 deposit or paying in full) you receive instant access to the pre-coursework inside our custom built learning hub, where you can start learning (and getting mentor support) right away! We have over a dozen tutorials ready for you to start learning right away.

Our programs are all zero-to-hero and you don't need any previous experience. We have tutorials and support starting from the absolute beginning through to advanced skills and building a successful business. Most of our past students had zero previous experience when they joined the program, but if you already do have some experience there is still plenty to learn. If you consider your current skills intermediate to advanced feel free to reach out to our course advisor via live chat and we can help you figure out if the bootcamp is the right fit for you - generally speaking unless you already consider yourself an expert and have built a profitable business with a steady flow of clients, there will be plenty of content for you to learn.

Want a more in-depth answer? Watch our video below 'Do you need experience'

For the web development bootcamp all you need is a computer :) All the software required is free and available for both Mac & PC, and web development doesn't tend to require a new computer - if you can comfortably handle google docs and email, you will be fine with coding.

Students often ask if they need to have a manual camera for the photography & social media bootcamp but it's not a requirement of the course - 95% of the lessons could be completed with a phone as your camera and you can focus on the other aspects of photography (like composition, lighting, posing, etc). Of course if you decide to pursue a career in photography you will likely need to invest in professional equipment at some point, but we walk you through that in the gear guide lessons and a full set-up can be as little as $500. Since you have lifetime access to all the course materials, some students choose to focus on learning the skills first, and then investing in gear in the future once they have already started landing clients for social media management or other services that we cover

Yes! Almost a 1/3 of the entire course is dedicated to building your business, but we weave this topic through the entire course - with practical case studies, examples, and walk-thoughs. We provide all the templates & resources you need to hit the ground running and start your own creative business (no cookie-cutters here, we teach you how to find a niche and business structure that works for your unique circumstances) and we give you one-on-one feedback for your own 12-month digital strategy.

Check out the videos below for more details on this one!

Around one in five students who join our program already have their own business - a fashion label, product business, restaurant or hotel, etc. All of the skills in our courses, can either be applied to clients as a creative agency or to your own business. Particularly the photography & social media bootcamp is amazing for those who have their own business because it gives them the tools to build their own content marketing strategy, and apply the growth marketing techniques we teach to their existing business. If you aren't sure, send us a message via live chat and tell us a little bit about your business.

Then do both! We're offering all our 2021 digital bootcamp students the ability to get 100% of the tuition paid applied as a credit towards attending the in-person bootcamp anytime in 2022 - 2023.

What does that mean? If you're thinking of attending our Bali bootcamp later this year or next, it costs you nothing extra to enroll in the digital bootcamp now and start learning!

Both the in-person & the digital bootcamp cover the same curriculum but in a different format. 

We know the situation is evolving regularly, and we've adapted our policies to match offering flexibility to every student enrolled in the in-person bootcamp to move their travel dates as needed if either the program isn't able to run, or they aren't able to attend due to covid travel restrictions.

We're also giving every student enrolled for an in-person bootcamp the ability to join our digital bootcamp at no additional cost.

If attending our Bali Bootcamp is on your bucketlist, but you aren't sure when you'll be ready to attend in-person we reccommed that you enroll in one of our upcoming digital bootcamps -- we'll be giving you a chance to apply 100% of the tution you pay for the digital bootcamp as a credit towards the in-person bootcamp when you can attend (So for example if you enroll with the early bird discount for $1700, then you'll receive a $1700 discount off the in-person bootcamp later).

Please reach out to our team at or send us a message via live chat and we're happy to help!