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Earn money to work on real projects while you study web development

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In this 5-day mini-course we'll show you how to build a simple mini-website in HTML & CSS, host it online for free and connect a custom domain name. You don't need any previous experience, fancy software or technical know-how to complete this challenge -- just a web browser and an open mind!

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learn how to land your first client

When you finish learning the basics of coding in the 7-day challenge, show us your finished projects and we'll share free access to a workshop on how to land your own paid client - using the networks & skills that you already have. You can expect to earn anywhere from $100 - $200 for your first project.

get paid & re-invest in yourself

When you get paid from your first client projects, you can re-invest in yourself taking your skills to the next level, first with our web dev foundations course where you learn how to build not just a mini-landing page but a complete website and then with our digital bootcamp where you learn everything you need to know to build advanced websites from scratch & start a your own web development agency. At each stage we'll show you how to land clients, and get paid to continue your education.

Web Dev Foundations

Web Dev Digital Bootcamp

Free lessons to start your dream business in 2023

Build a real website for a client (and get paid)!

We've had countless students find real clients to help sponsor their web development bootcamp, paying them up to $1000 to build a website for a small business, start-up or non-profit

If you have just landed on this page, we run immersive coding bootcamps, online or in-person here in Bali. In less than 2 months we take students from all over the world with no previous technical experience and we teach them how to code responsive websites from scratch. Since our students work on real, production quality websites during the course, we thought why not give them an opportunity to work on a real project and save a little money at the same time.

How it works ...

Once you enroll in the program, we'll share resources on how to plan, pitch and land your first client project. You'll offer an affordable, high-quality website to a small business and in exchange they will partially cover the cost of your tuition.

We'll give you the guidance you need to reach out to your local community and find local businesses who might be a good fit. For the business, this is an opportunity to not only give back to the community and support a students education but also receive a professional quality website at a fraction of the agency cost.