Zero to Hero

Our 10-day bootcamp will take you from little or no experience in coding to being able to confidently create your very own beautiful, responsive websites in no time.  You will learn how to use HTML, CSS and jQuery to design, create and build websites from scratch. 

Practical Projects

Rather than working on hypothetical challenges or studying for arbitrary tests, our students are working on real web projects from day one because we know that you learn best by doing.

1 - 4 Mentor Ratio

Forget giant classrooms, we accept only 16 students and bring 4 experienced mentors per session so you know you’ll have the one-on-one attention you need to thrive. 

Immersive Enrivonment

Every element of the program and curriculum was created with an understanding of educational psychology, motivation, and high performance in order to help our students get into the ‘flow state’ of peak performance.

We take care of every little detail so that you can focus on what you came here to do – learn. 



As soon as you enroll in the program you'll be given ~20 hours of pre-coursework. Through video tutorials and practical exercises you will learn:Essential terminology & basic concepts - like frontend vs backend, basic syntax of HTML & CSS and how to plan your portfolio website - Test your new skills by building a basic one-page website

This is a zero-to-hero program, so we'll walk you through step-by-step so that you understand what a website is, how it works, and all of the most important terminology -- by the end you'll be able to talk-the-talk with developers and understand how it all fits together.

We'll teach you how to write custom HTML code, the language that creates structure in a website by adding paragraphs, headings, links, images and more. On day 1 we'll review everything you learned in the pre-coursework and hit the ground running building a landing page from scratch. We'll learn how to add custom fonts with google fonts, how to add icons, and begin to create layouts with structural HTML. By the end of the course, we'll be able to use these skills to create the structure for completely custom websites or edit existing ones.

CSS (or Cascading Style Sheets) controls the layout and design of every website. We'll learn how to use CSS code to style layouts, typography, images, and more making our websites look as visually stunning as our designs. We'll learn advanced CSS selectors so that we can target individual elements or groups of elements. We'll learn how to diagnose and solve CSS specificity issues when we have conflicting styles and how to troubleshoot CSS problems effectively.

Flexbox is the latest CSS layout property that enables you to build stunning designs quickly. We show you how to use 'Gridlex' to rapidly create columns and grids in your website (without doing any math!) We'll learn the CSS box model, Flexbox and positioning so that we can create custom layouts and grids on our site and position our content exactly the way we want.

We all know how important mobile is, so we'll spend today learning responsive design and how to use media queries to make your site look good on every size device. This means your websites will be mobile-friendly right from the start.

We'll learn how to use jQuery (a form of javascript) to add interactivity to your site and integrate jQuery plugins. Now we can add cool effects (like the smooth scrolling in this website), create a dynamic hamburger menu, and learn how to create an accordion, slider or box gallery.

With the static site generator Jekyll you'll be able to build a blazing fast and very stable blog or portfolio website. We show you how to create advanced custom layouts for any website you project you might tackle in the future, as well as features like blogs.

Smooth scrolling, fading in and out. These might seem like little touches, but they can make a big impact on the user experience for those visiting our websites.

How to get on that elusive page one of Google. We will teach you the secrets behind ranking highly in Google search results so that you can optimise your website to drive new traffic.

How do you get your website to load quickly? Optimize images? Make sure it looks good across all browsers? We'll teach you the best practices and troubleshooting techniques to make sure your website is production-ready.

We'll show you how to integrate your site with a content management system so that non-technical users can easily edit the content of your website. We show you our favourite CMS systems, CloudCannon so that you can find the best option to suit you or your clients.

Think of hosting like the digital real estate, and domain name as your street address. We'll show you how to connect a custom domain to a website, and hook it up to fast, reliable (and free) hosting.

Many of our students are looking to start taking on freelance web development clients, so we host a mastermind workshop where our mentors share everything from how to find clients, how to scope and price projects, how to manage client communication and more.


You’ll be learning the latest tools and technologies, going beyond textbook basics and gaining real insights from experienced mentors who are actively working in the industry. Learn best practices, common trends, and which skills to continue to develop and improve if you want to land the job of your dreams. 

Your Expert Mentors

We do something a little different to most traditional education providers. We bring in instructors who are experts in the field whose knowledge comes from experience to teach you everything they know. With a maximum of 16 students to 4 mentors you know that you will get the one-on-one support you need to thrive. 


From the moment you step off the plane, we handle everything so that you can focus on what you came here to do!

The tuition fees are $4500 USD which includes everything listed below. You only need a $500 deposit to secure your spot, and then you can either pay upfront and recieve a $150 discount or take advantage of our interest-free 6 month payment plan. Students who enroll in both the Social Media Bootcamp & the Web Development Bootcamp receive a $500 discount off each program.

From the night before the course starts, our beautiful pool villa in Canggu, Bali will be your home away from home. The rooms are twin or triple share with someone of the same gender and all with their own private bathroom. This villa is our campus, so each morning your 'commute' is just to wander down from your room to the classroom.

We believe that nourishing food helps you learn, and our in-house chef team are on hand all day to whip up delicious meals. Think smoothie bowls or smashed avocado and poached eggs for breakfast, and a mix of cuisines for lunch and dinner. There are always vegeatian / vegan / low carb / low fat options on hand and we can cater to any specific dietary requirements (including allergies and gluten-free).

Yoga has been proved to have strong mental and physical benefits, so we start our day with a sunrise yoga class before we begin class. In the afternoons, when we don't have an activity we will have an optional cardio workout (HIIT) or afternoon yoga.

We've got a number of organised activities throughout the course to take you out and about and explore Bali. From sunrise photoshoots in the rice paddies, to wandering through the monkey forest in Ubud and of course sunset cocktails at Canggu Beach we'll show you the most beautiful spots in Bali.

Your IOC experience lasts well beyond the 10 days of the course. Studying with us means you are part of an exclusive community of people who think differently, who are ready and eager to support each other in pursuing their dreams. The IOC Alumni Group is the hub of our ongoing support, where we share updated content and tips, answer student questions and students connect with other alumni from all over the world.

All course materials are also included - no exorbitant ‘textbook fees’ - your tuition is all you’ve got to worry about! We are it it for the long haul, so all of our course materials are yours for life and we'll even share the updated resources as they become available.

Don’t worry about the hassle of getting to and from the airport. We’ve got you covered - our drivers are the BEST! After you enrol you will sent us your flight details and we'll organise for our driver to be ready and waiting when you arrive. He'll be wearing an IOC t-shirt and have a sign with your name on it (how fancy!).

80+ hours of practical coursework led by our expert instructors. With 4-5 mentors for a maximum of 16 students you can be sure that you are getting the one-on-one support you need to thrive. Our lessons are interactive and practical, as we know that you learn best by actually doing and you are always getting immediate feedback as you practice your new skills.

We want you to hit the ground the ground running when you arrive, so we've put together a comprehensive pre-coursework to help you learn the essentials online. This ensures that you have covered the basics and can dig deeper during your 10 days in Bali. Throughout your pre-coursework we'll be available to help with anything you need.

We'll provide you with a beautiful digital media kit (the modern version of a resume for influencers) that you can use to pitch to brands. Not only will we provide you with a stunning engaging template, but we'll help show you exactly what to write to nail your brand pitches!

Want a HUGE head start against everyone who is learning this stuff by trial and error? We'll share our tried-and-tested templates for emailing brands, scoping projects and more...

Exclusions & Optional Extras

Flights and travel insurance are not included in your tuition fees.
Laundry, premium beverages (beer, wine, cocktails, organic juices etc.), and massages are available at an additional cost.
It's recommended but not required that you leave a small tip ($30 - $50 total) for the local staff (housekeepers, drivers, chefs) at the end of your stay.

Dates & Details

Upcoming Sessions in 2019 are:

  • Nov 1 - 10
  • You should plan to arrive on the day before the course starts so that you can settle in, and accomodation is provided this night free of charge. You can fly out anytime after 7pm on the last day although most students choose to stay an extra night to enjoy one last celebratory dinner with their peers.

    You would be flying into Denpesar Airport, Bali Indonesia (the only airport in Bali) and we provide complimentary airport pickup with one of our private drivers from there.

    All students are required to have comprehensive travel insurance to attend the program, we recommend World Nomads but you are welcome to purchase with any company.


Speak to a Course Advisor

To enroll in the program, enter your details below and one of our course advisors with get in touch with the next steps and to answer any of your questions.