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We know how hard it is to figure out the right path, especially when you aren't even sure what options are out there. Whether you're looking to land a job in a creative industry, or start your own business in photography, marketing or web development we'll help you figure out the right pathway to get you there. We've set aside 6x hours each week to offer complimentary strategy calls, and while we're help you figure out if our courses are the right fit for you this isn't a sales call - it's an opportunity to make a roadmap of how to build a life on your terms.

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We're the Institute of Code

When we first dreamed up Institute of Code we tried to forget everything we knew about what a school was and re-imagine what a school could be.

We prioritse the success of every single student, and use everything we know about educational psychology and human performance to build a program that doesn't just teach people skills but empowers them to launch new career.

We help people like you learn in demand digital skills and launch a new career in Photography, Marketing or Web Development where they can work from anywhere in the world.