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Learn the foundations of HTML & CSS and build 4x custom websites from scratch (and host it live!)

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  • 30+ lessons (12+ hrs)
  • 27 practical activities
  • Mentor support
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From composition & lighting, to manual photography & editing take your skills to the next level.

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  • 18 lessons (6.5+ hrs)
  • 12 practical activities
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in a weekend

Learn the foundations of marketing strategy & how to grow an engaged (and profitable) following on IG.

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  • 14 practical activities
  • Mentor support
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Immersive Digital Bootcamps

From zero to hero in 8 weeks

So much more than than online course, this is an 8-week immersive bootcamp with weekly projects to build your portfolio, one-on-one instructor feedback and an engaged community of peers we've got your back.

Beyond comprehensive lessons, this course includes all the templates (from pitches to invoices) you need to launch a completely new career.

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You aren't just enrolling in a course, you're joining our global community of alumni from over 20 countries around the world who are building new careers on their own terms.

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We bring years of experience to the table

Our courses are built and taught by experts in the field who have built real thriving businesses in their field. We go way beyond the theoretical advice you'll find in a textbook or other online courses into the strategies, workflows and tools that will help you take your career to the next level.

We consolidate as much of that knowledge as possible into our comprehensive online resources and then work side-by-side in small groups helping you go from little-to-no previous experience to a new career in less than two months.