Social Media & Content Marketing Bootcamp

10 Days | Bali | Nov 2018


Learn to become a successful social media manager or influencer from experts in the field

Social Media & Content marketing is one of the fastest growing industries, but there is a lot more to it than just posting pretty pictures. In this course we'll teach you everything you need to know to grow an audience, build influence and actually earn money through social media. You'll walk away ready to become a social media manager growing other brands, or building your own brand to become a social media influencer or blogger.

You'll be taught by a team of experts in the field, bringing their collective experience to help you not only spend 10 days learning tangible new skills, but also having expert insights into your own personal brand and walking away with the strategies and assets in place to hit the ground running -- including a live media kit website, a project plan and professional profile photo.

Next Session: Feb 22 - Mar 3, 2019



When people hear the word branding they think 'colors, fonts and logo', but a brand is so much more than your visual identity. We help you form a clear idea of what your personal brand is, or how to establish a clear brand for a business from understanding the target audience, to cultivating a brand personality and visual aesthetic. This helps you establish a strong niche and stand out from the crowd (whether it's for a business or your personal brand)!

How do you build a social media strategy, deciding which platforms to invest your time and energy into and which social activities are going to generate the most bang for your buck? Then once you've figured that out, we'll help you pull it together into a comprehensive 12 month strategy that can guide you moving forward. This is very personalised and you'll receive one-on-one help from your mentors to figure out a gameplan for success.

Content creation is at the heart of social media (you need something to share after all) but what should you post? We’ll dive deep into understanding what your audience wants, creating killer content that resonates with your audience. We'll look at this from multiple angles including how can you leverage your strength, generate blog or post ideas that are likely to encourage engagement and virility, how your content helps establish you as a thought leader, what performs best on Instagram / Facebook / LinkedIn etc.
We'll go one step further and show you how to generate content ideas when you have writers block, and how to effectively (and fairly) curate other people's content for your own feed.
We'll also show you how to build a content calender to plan your content months in advance.

You may have the best written blog posts this side of the equator, but if you don’t have a solid SEO strategy in place, you should accept that your blog might only be read by your mum. We will teach you the secrets behind ranking highly in Google search results, and help you generate blog topic ideas that are likely to drive new traffic.

Are you ready to use Instagram to attract the right followers, engage with readers and grow your audience? With the constant changes to the Instagram algorithm we could probably describe our relationship with Instagram as 'complicated at best' but it remains one of the social platforms with the most potential for growth -- if you know how to use it. We'll go beyond the basics and teach you the tactics that people are using to grow now in 2018 (not what worked a few years ago) to not only grow a genuine audience but to keep engagement strong as well.

Learn to take pictures you'll be proud to show off. Our professional photographers will run workshops to teach you the technical aspects of the craft you need to shine and standout on the internet. We'll also cover how to develop a photography style that aligns with your brand. Many of our students attend with no previous photography experience, but it's amazing how much you can improve when you have a chance to learn alongside talented photographers. Our photography lessons are almost all practical. We get you in the field and give you immediate feedback that you can learn from. We'll cover the technical stuff (ISO, Aperture, ShutterSpeed, etc) as well as the creative (how to frame the shot, lighting). We'll teach you with the gear you have (whether that's a Canon DSLR, an iPhone or anything in between) and give you a chance to test out professional gear as well.

Lightroom can be intimidating for the uninitiated but it's the best tool on the market to transform photos from dull to WOW. We'll walk you through all the essentials during the pre-coursework, and then during the course we'll help you develop your own unique editing style and learn how to use lightroom like a pro. We'll have an elective lesson by each mentor where they will walk you through a live demo of how they edit their photos so you can compare and contrast..

Grow your followings, increase your engagement rates and cultivate a community on Pinterest -- one of the BEST tools to drive thousands of people to your blog every month. We'll share what works and what doesn’t work, so that you can strategically gain targeted following to your blog.

Your email list is THE barometer of your business's health, and it will outlast any social media platform. Why? Because you OWN it. If you lost your social media channels, you should still have a way to get in touch with the people you’ve worked so hard to attract. We'll teach you how to cross-promote each channel and use lead magnets to build your email list.

What does it take to become a go-to personal in a particular industry? Someone that's just KNOWN as being an expert in the field. We'll show you how to clearly establish yourself as an industry thought leader, which you can leverage to gain PR and media opportunities, sell products, or find clients.

We'll teach the latest tools and software used in the industry to create, schedule and manage social media and content marketing. Tools to edit photos, auto-schedule and post to social media, to visually planning your feed and more. In total we'll showcase over a dozen different apps.

Once you have killer written content and captivating photography lined up, it's time to activate your monetization channels. We'll show you how to find brands likely to want to work with you, how and what to pitch to them (including actual email templates), and how to scope your products. We start with how to land free products and then cover how to get invited on press trips or complimentary hotel stays. Then we'll look an multiple other monetisation channels to build revenue streams as an influencer or social media manager.

Whether your main goal is to become a social media manager or you want to become an influencer but would love to get creative in what you pitch to brands we'll show you how to find a steady stream of clients and pay the bills!


This is a course that doesn't just teach you some hypothetical theories -- it gives you the insider tips and tricks, actionable tactics and a comprehensive 12 month strategy to help you turn your passion into a career. 

Become a Travel Blogger or Influencer

Getting paid to share content and brands you love with your followers on social media often sounds like a pipe-dream, but influencer marketing is a thriving industry. Taught by instructors who successfully grew from zero to hundreds of thousands of followers (and with 5-6 figure  incomes to match), this course will give you everything you need to become a blogger or influencer in any niche (travel, fashion, lifestyle, wellness, fitness or something more specialised). 

We'll teach you how to create amazing content and online personality so that brands can't get enough of you, then show you exactly how to land brand collaborations (aka free stuff) or press trips, and build up multiple income streams (without it coming across as spammy to your followers!).

Become a Social Media Manager

For brands in 2018,  having a strong social media presence is no longer optional -- it's a requirement for looking professional and building a relationship with their customers. That makes it an industry with huge demand for talented individuals to become social media managers. 

In this course we'll show step-by-step how to become a social media manager and get results for your clients, from developing a comprehensive social media & content marketing strategy to building their following and engagement, and how to match up the social media strategy with the brand results. 

We'll also teach you how to find clients, scope projects and land regular retainer work (that you can do remotely while you travel the world)! 

Grow your personal brand & business

For many people the phrase 'influencer' makes them cringe, conjuring up images of selfie-obsessed millennials -- but that's kind of missing the point. Imagine having an audience of tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of people who care about your opinion on a certain topic. In any industry, becoming a public thought leader on your area of expertise can help you build stronger professional networks, land speaking and PR opportunities, or launch a new product or service to an audience that's hungry for it. 

Through this course, we can teach you how to grow your personal brand or that of your business and then leverage that for whatever your career goals might be -- to land your dream job, become a digital nomad, build passive income by selling online products, etc. 

Your Expert Mentors

We do something a little different to most traditional education providers. We bring in instructors who are experts in the field whose knowledge comes from experience to teach you everything they know. With a maximum of 16 students to 4 mentors you know that you will get the one-on-one support you need to thrive. 

About Tina May

Tina is a serial entrepreneur and co-founder of The Institute of Code. Tina is an expert in social media and content marketing, having worked with small business clients all over the world and growing Institute of Code from zero to $500k in revenue and over 250 students in under 3 years.

Connect with Tina May

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About Emilio Kuzma-Floyd

Emilio Kuzma-Floyd is a photographer and social media influencer with an eye for capturing the essential spirit and personality of a brand. He’s worked with dozens of national and international brands including Ark Swimwear, Feather & Noise, and his work has been featured by the New York Times, Discovery Channel, and BBC.

Connect with Emilio Kuzma-Floyd

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About Christina Galbato

Christina has previously mentored with The Institute of Code and is coming back for round 3! Christina Galbato is the brains and the beauty behind the formerly known @theboldbrunette, and currently runs The IG Bootcamp which made Christina six figures just on the launch alone! Christina is a travel and lifestyle influencer and is also living proof that if you put your dreams into action, anything is possible!

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About Alizah Akiko

Alizah is the travelling gypsy behind the popular travel blog Spark Of Wanderlust. Alizah quit her full-time corporate job just a few short years ago to peruse travel blogging full time -her Instagram feed alone is enough to ignite anyone’s inner travel bug! Alizah is a pro when it comes to the social media game, sharing her top tips and tricks of the industry on her incredibly inspiring blog.

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Exclusions & Optional Extras

Flights and travel insurance are not included in your tuition fees.
Laundry, premium beverages (beer, wine, cocktails, organic juices etc.), and massages are available at an additional cost.
It's recommended but not required that you leave a small tip ($30 - $50 total) for the local staff (housekeepers, drivers, chefs) at the end of your stay.

Dates & Details

Upcoming Sessions are Feb 22nd - Mar 3 and Jul 1 - 10 , 2019

You should plan to arrive on the day before the course starts so that you can settle in, and accomodation is provided this night free of charge. You can fly out anytime after 7pm on the last day although most students choose to stay an extra night, which is available for an additional $45. 

You would be flying into Denpesar Airport, Bali Indonesia (the only airport in Bali) and we provide complimentary airport pickup with one of our private drivers from there.

All students are required to have comprehensive travel insurance to attend the program, we recommend World Nomads but you are welcome to purchase with any company.


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