It's our time to shine.

There is a serious gender gap in tech -- in the education pipeline, the employed workforce and the visibility of talented women in tech.

This is something we've been passionate about for a long time - with our girl-boss founder driving the way, over 80% of our students have been female. That's why we've been committed to initiatives that break down the barriers for women in tech, and why we are excited to announce this giveaway -- it's an opportunity to do more, to make an impact.

Win our 'Website in a Weekend' Course

We're giving away our Website in a Weekend Online Course (worth $350) AND a $500 partial scholarship to our 10 day Web Development Bootcamp in Bali.

In our online course you'll learn the basics of coding (in HTML & CSS), build yourself a website for your business or personal brand and optimise it for SEO to get found in google searches.

Then by continuing on to the 10 day intensive in Bali we'll equip you with the skills to build any custom website from scratch and launch a new career in tech.


Can you believe only 5% of startups have a female founder?

Or that by 2020, there will be 1.4 million jobs available in computing related fields in the US but at this point, women are on track to fill just 3% of these roles.

When we post a job ad hiring mentors for Institute of Code, for every woman who applies there are 30 men.

I've been very lucky to have been surrounded by strong, ambitious women my entire life, and growing up never felt like there was anything I couldn't do just because 'I was a girl'.

But many aren't that lucky. Girls are handed dolls while boys are handed lego and blocks. Studies show that boys are pushed harder in maths, and encouraged more to enter STEM fields. If you don't recognise the gap, try asking 100 people to name an inspiring leader in tech and count on one hand how many aren't white males.

I am passionate about seeing more incredible women break into or accelerate their careers in the tech space. I want my cousins, my god-daughter and all the gorgeous girls I know to have the opportunity to become whoever they want to be, in whatever field inspires them. And it all starts with learning to code.

- Tina May, Co-Founder of Institute of Code

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Ts & Cs

Competition prize is non-transferrable and cannot be redeemed for cash. Any additional costs involved in redeeming the prize (including flights to Bali to attend the course, travel insurance, or associated costs) are not included in the course prize. Set dates are available, and the prize is not transferrable if you aren't able to attend yourself.
Competition is open to women all over the world (trans-inclusive), the only additional criteria to attend the in-person bootcamp is that you must speak and understand fluent english (as our courses are delivered in English), be over 18 at the time you attend the course, and be able to make your own way to Bali.
This is not a random lottery, we will hand select a winner at our discretion taking into account their written application and any bonus entries.