We're the Institute of Code, and we'd love you to join our team.

We're an innovative education provider running educational retreats in Bali. Think Coding / Marketing Bootcamp + all-inclusive retreat + adventure tour all mashed together! We take students, entrepreneurs, marketers and creatives away from the stress of day to day life, pop them down in a luxury pool villa, keep them nimble and relaxed with in-house yoga and keep their stomachs happy with our in-house chef. Then we teach them in-demand digital skills to help them accelerate their careers. After a big day of coding, our 'extracurriculars' include heading out to explore the rice paddies, swimming under waterfalls and sipping cocktails and watching the sunset.


We're offering two individuals the opportunity of a lifetime -- to come join us for a 3 month internship in Bali and learn how to take the skills you have been learning at university and apply them to the real world.

We're looking for two content marketing interns to bring under our wing, with practical projects, and lots of guidance and professional development. And at the end of your internship, we'll give you a full ride scholarship to one of our courses worth $4250+.

Who we're looking for

We're looking for someone with a work-hard, play-hard mentality to work alongside our team to get practical experience in content marketing.

Ideally, we are looking for candidates that are recent graduates or final year students who have studied media, communications, marketing or journalism.

While skills are always handy, this is an internship so we don't expect you to know it all before you arrive. We'll be helping to train you. Basically, if you're driven and thirsty to learn and get your hands dirty, then you're perfect!


While exact dates are flexible, the internship lasts for 12 weeks, with a week off in the middle to relax and explore Bali.

We have 2 upcoming intern intakes:

Life in Bali


We're based in Canngu, the hipster capital of Bali where you'll find boutique bars and cafes dotted between the rice paddies. Canggu has a thriving digital nomad scene so you'll get to meet digital nomads who have built a life in Bali. It's a full time internship and you'll be working on real projects from day one -- just like in our courses we believe this is the BEST way to learn.

When we aren't working, we're out exploring Bali ... swimming under waterfalls, wandering through the rice terrraces, bartering at the local markets. Bali is a place where work-life balance down is key -- people hustle hard during the day, but take their down time just as seriously.


Upon successful completion of your internship we'll give you the opportunity to attend one of our 10 day courses on a full ride scholarship (worth $4250+). You can choose between our 10 day web development course or our 10 day social media and content marketing course.

What we cover

Unlike most international internships where you pay to attend, we believe that hard work and talent should not go unrewarded, so our internship will include the following:

Not included: Return airfares to Bali, meals & drinks outside the villa, any alcoholic drinks and travel insurance (mandatory).

Our Campus


This will be your office during the internship. This is the campus for our 10-day coding retreats in Bali, where our students will learn to build responsive websites (like this one) using HTML, CSS & jQuery (in the web development course) or learn how to become a social media manager. It's also where our team get's to work every day. Not a bad for an office, right?

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