Launch a new career in 2 months

Through our comprehensive curriculum, we teach you everything from the essentials like Branding & Marketing, through to actionable strategies to grow a brand and generate results with social media. At the end of the program, you’ll be ready to start working with clients as a social media manager or apply the skills to growing your own business

Practical Projects

Rather than working on hypothetical challenges or studying for arbitrary tests, our students are working on real projects from day one. By the end of the program you’ll have a resume-boosting portoflio of projects and the experience to confidently manage social media accounts on your own. 

1 - 4 Mentor Ratio

Forget giant classrooms, we accept only 16 students and bring 4 experienced mentors per session so you know you’ll have the one-on-one attention you need to thrive. It’s in the moments sitting side-by-side with an experienced instructor where the real magic happens. 

Immersive Environment

Every element of the program and curriculum was created with an understanding of educational psychology, motivation, and high performance to help our students get into the ‘flow state’ of peak performance. We take care of every little detail so that you can focus on what you came here to do – learn. 



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Marketing & Social Media.

Creating an effective marketing strategy that attracts your ideal customer and generates results for your business is an essential skill for everyone who wants to run their own business.

Stand out from the crowd with powerful branding that doesn't just look beautiful but captures your brand personality and values -- and learn how to translate that brand into your everyday communications

We'll cover every touchpoint to make sure that you have a clear brand aesthetic and know how to create beautiful branded templates and custom social media graphics (for yourself and your clients).

Understand how to create a comprehensive social media strategy, from an understanding of how to master each platform to timeless tactics that leverage consumer psychology to get results.

While we cover most of the popular social media platforms, we deep dive into instagram - understanding how the algorithm works and how to play to your strengths to grow an engaged following on instagram (across any niche).

Step-by-step from creating a content strategy, to curating content, writing engaging captions and planning influencer campaigns. We'll show you our detailed workflow right from start through to monthly analytics reports.


We’ll look at every stage of the photography process and streamline it into a professional workflow so that your projects are more efficent, including the entire client workflow of image selections, editing and final delivery of your images.

Learn to take pictures you'll be proud to show off. We'll cover the technical skills to get you off automatic and learning how to master manual photography (ISO, Aperture, ShutterSpeed, etc) as well as the creative (from composition techniques to frame the shot, lighting, color psychology and so much more).

Set up your cataglogues like a professional, and learn how to keep all your files organised, accessible everywhere and your data backed-up to the cloud. From the basics of exposure and color correction through to advanced editing techniques, we'll walk you step-by-step through how to edit your photos in lightroom with lots of practical examples.

An in-demand skill set, we'll show you how to take stunning photos for cafes, restaurants and product brands - from simple flatlays to stunning mini-studios and advanced shots capturing motion.

Moving from products to people is a bit of a leap, but we'll teach you everything from lighting techniques to posing ideas, and even how to make your subject feel good on the other side of the camera.

Creating dramatic scenes and advanced compositions when your travelling, and working with wide landscapes or tight spaces and creating stunning adventure for yourself or brands.

Fashion photography is a whole new ball game and we’ll walk you step by step through shooting your first fashion campaign, including all the little details that matter and how to manage the client workflow.


Having a profitable business model is important, but so is finding one that fits your goals and lifestyle. This module is all about how to earn a living doing work that inspires you.

From the essentials like how to find your niche, or choosing a name for your business to practical lessons on figuring out your cost of dooing business and how to accept payments from clients around the world.

We'll get you in the flow, showing you all the apps, tooks and tricks we use to optimise our workflow and maxmise productivity -- from keeping your passwords in sync to a project management system.

It's great to have in-demand skills, but you still need to know how to land clients. We cover everything from strategies to attract clients, to how to craft a winning proposal and done-for-you email templates for every common scenario.

Our client workflow, from onboarding new clients, to project management & communication. We show you how to spot client red flags, what to include in your contracts, and how to consistently great reviews from your clients.

Case Studies.

You've learnt the skills, now let's pull it all together with entire start-to-finish brand case studies. Across our 4x case studies we'll cover every single stage of the process from pitching, scoping the project, pricing, client on-boarding, delivering the services (photography, social media etc) right through to sending an invoice. We open the curtain and show you exactly step-by-step how to run streamlined client projects bringing all the skills you've learnt into action.

A brand new cafe is looking for someone to help them attract new customers. In this practical case-study we look how to craft a marketing strategy & social media plan that will help them attract their ideal target client. Then we go behind-the-scenes of the content strategy, photoshoot, scheduling their social media grid, and so much more. From when and how to communicate with the client, to how to manage the whole project smoothly, we cover it all. You'll see the entire process, start to finish and then have a chance to ask us anything you want in our weekly Q&A.

A start-up fashion brand approaches you for help with their photography & social media -- they are on a limited budget but they need a solid marketing stategy & content for both their social media & their website. We look at how to respond when clients have a limited budget and still make sure you get fairly paid for your work, what to offer that will deliver the most 'bang-for-thier-buck' and keep them coming back for more, and how to deliver lots of content with limited shoot time. Together we'll put together a marketing strategy, including a plan for how they will find and collaborate with influencers and how they can leverage viral campaigns to grow their account on a budget. We'll put together a visual identity guide and content calendar, create story highlight ideas and so much more. Then we'll take you through the photoshoot & entire editing process showing you how to keep a consistent aesthetic across all the photos. You'll see the entire process, start to finish and then have a chance to ask us anything you want in our weekly Q&A.

A client approaches you wanting a personal shoot for their own social media. Sounds simple enough, but there are actually some really important steps you need to take to set up clear expectations, help your subject feel comfortable on camera, and capture content that they will love! We look at the client-onboarding process (also known as everything you should talk about before the shoot even begins) and styling tips that every photographer should know. We take into account what they will be usign the photos for (their website? Personal brand? Just for the memories?) as well as their visual asethetic and preferred editing style. We'll also walk you through how to streamline the image selection and editing process, especially how to tackle tricky questions around edits and airbrushing. You'll see the entire process, start to finish and then have a chance to ask us anything you want in our weekly Q&A.


This is a course that doesn’t just teach you some hypothetical theories – it gives you the insider tips and tricks, actionable tactics and a comprehensive strategy to help you build your career or grow your business. 

Become a Social Media Manager

For brands in 2020,  having a strong social media presence is no longer optional – it’s a requirement for looking professional and building a relationship with their customers. That makes it an industry with huge demand for talented individuals to become social media managers

In this course we’ll show step-by-step how to become a social media manager and get results for your clients, from developing a comprehensive social media & content strategy to building their following and engagement, and how deliver real results to their business. 

We’ll also teach you how to find clients, scope projects and land regular retainer work (that you can do remotely while you travel the world)! 

Grow your business 

So you’ve built a business around your passion, maybe it’s a clothing line, a cafe, a product that you love. You know your product is amazing, but what you can’t figure out is how to start attracting more customers and building a profitable business. 

Whatever your industry, we’ll teach you the skills you need to create amazing content that your audience loves, growing a following, drive traffic to your website or customers to your store and making sales. 

Build your personal brand 

In any industry, becoming a public thought leader on your area of expertise can help you build stronger professional networks, land speaking and PR opportunities, or launch a new product or service to an audience that’s hungry for it. 

Through this course, we can teach you how to grow your personal brand and then leverage that for whatever your career goals might be – to land your dream job, become a digital nomad, build passive income by selling online products, etc. 

Your Expert Mentors

We do something a little different to most traditional education providers. We bring in instructors who are experts in the field whose knowledge comes from experience to teach you everything they know. With 4 mentors for a maximum of 16 students you know that you will get the one-on-one support you need to thrive. 

You’ll be learning the latest tools and technologies, going beyond textbook basics and gaining real insights from experienced mentors who are actively working in the industry. 

Tina & Emilio bring together over a decade of industry experience as well as years teaching students from all over the world. Tina is an expert in social media and content marketing, having worked with small business clients all over the world and growing Institute of Code from zero to a million dollars in revenue and over 350 students in just 4 years. Emilio grew his photography business from a passion to a full-time career in only 1 year. He’s worked with luxury fashion brands like Uma & Leopold, restaurants and hotels all over the world and had his work has been featured by the New York Times, Discovery Channel, and BBC.


From the moment you step off the plane, we handle everything so that you can focus on what you came here to do - learn!

6 Weeks Online

We have created a comprehensive curriculum rich with easy to understand video modules walking you step-by-step through each strategic concept and providing practical examples and walkthroughs of the tools and software.

We have mentors available to you on demand to help you work through the course material -- with a private facebook community and one-on-one access via skype and email we will be there to support you every step of the way.

Studying with us means you are part of an exclusive community of people who think differently, who are ready and eager to support each other in pursuing their dreams. The IOC Alumni Group is the hub of our ongoing support, where we share updated content and tips, answer student questions and students connect with other alumni from all over the world.

You'll be added to an exclusive facebook community for your session, as well as our global alumni group after the program ends.

10-Day Immersive Bootcamp in Bali

Each day from 9am - 4pm we have classes and interactive small group workshops, going beyond textbook basics into the practical skills you need to build a career in this industry. From 4pm - 6pm each day, mentors are available for one-on-one or small group support.

From the night before the course starts, our beautiful pool villa in Canggu, Bali will be your home away from home. The rooms are twin or triple share with someone of the same gender and all with their own private bathroom. This villa is our campus, so each morning your 'commute' is just to wander down from your room to the classroom.

We believe that nourishing food helps you learn, and our in-house chef team are on hand all day to whip up delicious meals. Think smoothie bowls or smashed avocado and poached eggs for breakfast, and a mix of cuisines for lunch and dinner. There are always vegeatian / vegan / low carb / low fat options on hand and we can cater to most specific dietary requirements (including allergies and gluten-free).

Yoga has been proven to have strong mental and physical benefits, so we start our day with a sunrise yoga class before we begin class. Part of each yoga session is a mindfullness meditation to get you ready to start the day.

It's important to pause from all the learning and take some time to decompress, so on 4 separate afternoons we take off after class and get out of the villa. From wandering through the local art market, and along the stunning black sand beach to watching the sunset at a rooftop cocktail bar we'll sho you the best that Canggu has to offer.

Don’t worry about the hassle of getting to and from the airport. We’ve got you covered - our drivers are the BEST! After you enrol you will sent us your flight details and we'll organise for our driver to be ready and waiting when you arrive. He'll be wearing an IOC t-shirt and have a sign with your name on it (how fancy!).

Lifetime Support

We provide all of our students with unlimited lifetime technical and career support -- yep, you read that right. We believe that once you attend one our programs you are part of the IOC family for life, and we'll be there every step of the way. Whether you need help with a client project, finding new clients or landing your dream job or want advice on how to manage your ever growing client list we've got your back.

We know that in this industry things do change all the time -- that's why we provide our students with lifetime access to our course materials, including all future update and extra resources. Our alumni are part of the IOC family forever.

"One hour with Tina literally changed my business". One of the things our students love most is that through our program that don't just receive generic lessons but personalised one-on-one advice for their specific situation -- whether it's around how to start freelancing, grow their business or a particular challenge applying the content that they have learnt at IOC. Rest assured that we'll be here to support you long after the program ends.

Want a HUGE head start against everyone who is learning this stuff by trial and error? We'll share our tried-and-tested templates for pitching, scoping projects, client contracts and more...

Tuition Fees & Payment Plans

The tuition fees are $4500 USD which includes everything listed above. You only need a $500 deposit to secure your spot, and then you can either pay upfront and recieve a $250 discount or take advantage of our interest-free 6 month payment plan.

Students who enroll in both the Social Media Bootcamp & the Web Development Bootcamp receive a $500 discount off each program.

Exclusions & Optional Extras

Flights and travel insurance are not included in your tuition fees. Laundry, premium beverages (beer, wine, cocktails, organic juices etc.), and massages are available at an additional cost.

It's recommended but not required that you leave a small tip ($30 - $50 total) for the local staff (housekeepers, drivers, chefs) at the end of your stay.

Dates & Details

Upcoming Sessions for the 10 Day Immersive Bootcamp are:

  • June 2022
  • You should plan to arrive on the day before the course starts so that you can settle in, and accomodation is provided this night free of charge. You can fly out anytime after 7pm on the last day although most students choose to stay an extra night to enjoy one last celebratory dinner with their peers.

    You would be flying into Denpasar Airport, Bali Indonesia (the only airport in Bali) and we provide complimentary airport pickup with one of our private drivers from there.

    All students are required to have comprehensive travel insurance to attend the program, we recommend World Nomads but you are welcome to purchase with any company.


Speak to a Course Advisor

To enroll in the program, enter your details below and one of our course advisors with get in touch with the next steps and to answer any of your questions.