About theCourse

Everything you need to start a career in social media and content marketing

Social Media & Content marketing is one of the fastest growing industries, but there is a lot more to it than just posting pretty pictures. In this course we'll teach you everything you need to know to grow an audience, build influence and actually earn money through social media. You'll walk away ready to become a social media manager growing other brands, or building your own brand to become a social media influencer or blogger.

You'll be taught by a team of experts in the field, bringing their collective experience to help you not only spend 10 days learning tangible new skills, but also having expert insights into your own personal brand and walking away with the strategies and assets in place to hit the ground running -- including a live media kit website, a project plan and professional profile photo.

Next Session: July 1 - 10


Your Expert Mentors

Mentors vary by course dates, apply below to find out who is teaching when.

Tina May

Institute of Code

Tina is a serial entrepreneur and co-founder of The Institute of Code. Tina is an expert in social media and content marketing, having worked with small business clients all over the world and growing Institute of Code from zero to $500k in revenue and over 250 students in under 3 years.

Emilio Kuzma-Floyd

Eyes of a Nomad

Emilio Kuzma-Floyd is a photographer and social media influencer with an eye for capturing the essential spirit and personality of a brand. He’s worked with dozens of national and international brands including Ark Swimwear, Feather & Noise, and Jolyn and his worked has been featured by the New York Times, Discovery Channel, and BBC.

Christina Galbato

Christina has previously mentored with The Institute of Code and is coming back for round 3! Christina Galbato is the brains and the beauty behind the formerly known @theboldbrunette, and currently runs The IG Bootcamp which made Christina six figures just on the launch alone! Christina is a travel and lifestyle influencer and is also living proof that if you put your dreams into action, anything is possible!

Alizah Akiko

Spark of Wanderlust

Alizah is the travelling gypsy behind the popular travel blog Spark Of Wanderlust. Alizah quit her full-time corporate job just a few short years ago to peruse travel blogging full time -her Instagram feed alone is enough to ignite anyone’s inner travel bug! Alizah is a pro when it comes to the social media game, sharing her top tips and tricks of the industry on her incredibly inspiring blog.


  • + Advanced Instagram Growth
  • + Advanced Facebook Marketing
  • + Growing Traffic through SEO
  • + Creating Engaging, Shareable Blog Content
  • + Using Pinterest to gain targeted followers
  • + How to establish yourself as a thought leader
  • + Advanced strategies to grow your email list
  • + Cultivating your Personal branding
  • + Creating Social Media Strategies & Content Calendar
  • + The latest software to create, schedule and share your content
  • + Photography & Photo Editing (iPhone or DSLR)
  • + Creating Beautiful Social Media Graphics
  • + How to find clients for freelance work
  • + Turning your audience into an income
  • + How to scope, price, and manage client projects

build an engaged audience and grow your career

Canggu Bali

This immersive retreat will be hosted in IOC's private pool villa in Canggu, Bali. Surrounded by gorgeous rainforest style gardens, but close to all the action. Canggu is a hip surf town with boutique cafes and cool bars, but it still manages to maintain it's Balinese charm.

Our Villa

This stunning private pool villa will be your home and campus for the 10 days of the retreat. We know that waking up here, with a team of chefs, butlers and even an on-site masseus to cater to your every need creates the ultimate learning environment.

By the numbers

Collectively our expert mentors have...

550k +

Followers on Instagram

250k +

Monthly website visitors

1.2 mill +

Total online reach

The Food

We know that when you are nourished with great food you are better able to focus and learn, so all Institute of Code courses include meals prepared by an in-house chef team. They'll serve up Instagram-worthy meals, fresh fruit smoothies and cold ice-lattes to keep you on point.

Daily Yoga

Anyone who has tried it before knows that yoga is good for the mind and soul. We start our day with a sunrise yoga class and mindfulness meditation before we begin class. In the afternoon we will have either high-intensity training or afternoon yoga.

Explore & Learn

Every second afternoon we will head out to some of the most beautiful spots around Bali to practice your photography skills. Learn how to get comfortable in front of the camera as well as behind it as we visit the monkey forest and traditional art market in Ubud, wander through the Tegalalang rice terraces, watch the sunset at La Laguna, visit a beautiful water temple and more. Get one-on-one feedback as you learn, and watch how rapidly yours skills improve.

Testimonials from past students

"I walked away from the course with a clear strategy and plan for exactly how to grow my business. I knew which areas to focus on (so I could maximise my time) and I knew how to pitch to brands to land both paid work and unpaid collaborations. Within the space of two months I had tripled my Instagram following.

I’ve since landed free skydiving packages, a Kombi van hire for four days and a bunch of free clothing – all in exchange for content creation and promotion on my Instagram. And I’m getting paid work creating promotional videos and photos for clients.

As part of the course we all developed a 12-month strategy for ourselves – and I am ahead of the goals I set for myself. If I keep going at this rate, I’ll be able to pursue this full-time within less than a year."

- Jacob, @JacobHestonVibes

"Institute of Code was invaluable to my personal and professional growth. Being able to learn from influencers who have without a doubt “made it” and work side by side to see the creative process in action was so helpful to change my mindset from 'this is a dream' to 'I am really doing this'. One of the biggest things I struggled with before attending IOC was my voice and brand which I think was really hurting my chances to grow. Since then I have embraced the brand identity I created and developed a more cohesive aesthetic on instagram. I have had the opportunity to work with 3 brands since the course and continue to spend a good chunk of my time each week researching and pitching brands to collaborate with. If you're passionate about social media, blogging, and/or photography the Institute of Code will help you turn your passion into a viable business and the best part you get to do it in Bali!"

- Peter, passports2life

"Attending Institute of Code's Social Media Marketing program taught me so much more than just social media skills. It helped me define my personal and professional goals, giving me a clearer understanding of what I wanted to achieve. Once those parameters were defined, IOC enabled me to put idea into action with tangible skills - working knowledge of Lightroom, how to pitch yourself to work with brands, workflow system implementation to increase productivity, etc... Since finishing the program my brand has been more focused and is finally becoming what I had envisioned when I started out on this journey more than a year ago. I have a much more vocally engaged audience and have seen steady growth since putting into action everything taught by the incredibly generous and knowledgeable mentors. Truly a career-transforming experience."

- Beth, @Birdie_flewthecoup

"I have been blogging for over two years and felt like I was getting nowhere. In only 10 days this retreat changed the way I approach blogging and helped me to start setting the wheels in motion to turn my blog into a business. Just two months after my retreat, and I am writing more, landed my first brand collaboration, and feel like I have a solid strategy in place. My page views have increased by 110%, and I've doubled the number of followers on social media, not to mention boosted my engagement. This course was a game-changer for me and the value that the team at IOC are providing is insane -- learning in a beautiful environment surrounded by a community of like-minded people and a team of experts was by far the fastest and the best way to learn. If you want to become a blogger or an influencer I highly recommend this course."

- Justyn Jen Gourdin, JustynJen.com

"I was skeptic. It seemed improbable that I could learn much of anything in 10 days, but I decided to give it a shot. After all, it was an excuse to go to Bali. I can honestly say it completely changed how I now approach blogging and social media. I hadn't realized that there was so much I had missed when I had initially launched my blog a year ago. Prior to my first day of class I had never even heard of SEO. And by the last few days I was reformatting the layout of my blog by myself. It’s amazing what difference total immersion can do for ones abilities!

To have an easily accessible support system is vital in any learning environment, and the IOC have nailed that. There was always a mentor on hand to help, and we grew into a big family that helped each other. The small number of students also allowed for individualized help to build our personal brands and work on our long term goals.

By being all-inclusive, you are able to focus solely on what you came for: to learn. IOC have got the formula down on how to turn your blogging hobby into a career. If you want to become a blogger, influencer or social media marketer these are essental skills to learn. Why not do it in paradise?"

- Estelle Lee, Majical Joo


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