Start a creative business and work from anywhere

We're going to teach you the most in-demand skills that you need to launch a new career as a photographer or social media manager, or start your own creative agency.

With no previous experience we'll teach you not only photography, branding, marketing and social media management but also the business skills and strategy to run a thriving business.

An immersive digital bootcamp

The Social Media & Photography Digital Bootcamp is so much more than an online course - it's an immersive 8 week digital bootcamp where you have weekly projects to complete, direct mentor feedback on the work you submit, weekly live Q&As and an interactive community sharing the journey.

By the end of the bootcamp, you won't just have new skills but also a portfolio of photography & social media work, a comprehensive strategy for your launching your business, and all the templates you need (from client pitches to contracts to invoices) to hit the ground running.

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So much more than an online course

195+ video lessons

We've taken absolutely everything you need to know to start a content creation & social media business into practical video tutorials.

Practical activities

Almost every lesson comes with detailed activities to apply what you've learn, so you can grow your skills, build a portfolio of work and have a business ready to launch.

Mentor feedback

Submit your work for weekly activities to our mentors for direct one-on-one feedback on your work by mentors with years of industry experience.

Editable Templates

We don't just teach you practical skills, we also share all of details templates and resources from instagram mock-ups to invoices and client pitch templates.

Weekly live Q&A

Each week our lead instructors will host a live Q&A digging deeper into topics we covered that week and answering all of your questions.


Part of what makes IOC special is the community of like-minded individuals it attracts, a community that's ready to support you every step of the way.

All the skills you need to launch a profitable creative business


With businesses and brands constantly in need of new, creative content for their marketing use photography has never been more in-demand.

We start by covering the foundations of how to leverage manual photography settings (like aperture and ISO) and how to master composition and lighting tecniques. We teach you advanced editing techniques to bring your photography to the next level and fit any brand brief. But then we do what most courses don't -- we walk you step by step through the practical examples and case studies of food & product photography, portraits, and even fashion photography. We show you how to plan, capture, edit and deliver to the shots that clients want so that you can quickly grow your professional reputation.

Marketing & Social Media

No business can exist without marketing, and we'll teach you how to understand consumer psychology and timeless marketing techniques that you can put to use for yourself and your clients.

We'll show you how to use social media not just to grow a following but to generate real results for your clients and attract a targetted audience for yourself. As well as walk you through everything you need to know to manage social media accounts for brands, from creating content strategies to planning and scheduling months worth of posts in advance, through to understanding the analytics and creating detailed reports.


Having in-demand creative skills is great - but knowing how to turn those skills into a profitable business is another. This course will teach you both.

We have in-depth lessons on how to create a portfolio that stands out from the crowd, where to find clients (and how to get them to hire you!), how to structure your services and packages (including tricky things like setting your prices) and so much more. Beyond our detailed video lessons, you'll be creating a strategy for your own business and figuring out all of these things during the course with the help and support of our mentors so that by the time you finish you're ready to hit the ground running!

We're the Institute of Code

When we first dreamed up Institute of Code we tried to forget everything we knew about what a school was and re-imagine what a school could be.

We prioritse the success of every single student, and use everything we know about educational psychology and human performance to build a program that doesn't just teach people skills but empowers them to launch new career

We help people like you learn in demand digital skills and launch a new career in Social Media or Web Development where they can work from anywhere in the world.

And because we are passionate about seeing them succeed we provide lifetime technical and career support on the skills they have learnt.

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