A beginner-friendly intro to HTML & CSS

In this 7 day challenge we'll show you how to build a simple mini-website in HTML & CSS, host it online for free and connect a custom domain name. You don't need any previous experience, fancy software or technical know-how to complete this challenge -- just a web browser and an open mind!

what you will learn:

  • How to start coding in a web browser using Codepen
  • How to setup your html document
  • Create html elements like paragraphs, links, and images
  • How to style those elements with colors & fonts
  • How to create columns and simple grids
  • How to build a custom splash page
  • Setting up free hosting and going live

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Perfect for beginners who want
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Easy to understand video tutorials that break down big concepts with simple language and practical step-by-step examples.

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Every lesson comes with a simple activity to apply what you've learn, so you can grow your skills and build something for yourself.

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Coding is more fun together, so we connect with other students from all over the world to learn together.

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