What was the reason for you wanting to take the Web Dev course?

I had an idea about 6/7 months ago to start a business in Bali. It is a business that I believe there was a hole in the market for, and it was something I wanted to do to help the overall economical imbalance of surf coaches.

I saw an ad on Instagram for the IOC web dev course with a part scholarship. I applied for it just to see if I could get in. I was actually in Bali when I got the call to be shortlisted and opted for a face-to-face meeting with Tina instead of just a skype call haha.
When I met with Tina I learned so much about the course that was offered, not just the lessons, but the experience, networking, life lessons I could gain.

Meeting with Tina probably was the most single-handed moment when I realised taking up a spot on the course would change the direction of my life. I wanted to build my own website for my soon-to-be business in an environment that was completely motivating and educational.
Once I realised what more I could get out of the course, it was a no-brainer to take the opportunity.

Tell us about any fears that you may have had prior to attending the Web Dev course

My biggest fear was probably wondering if it would be a waste of money. The course isn’t cheap, but that was also what helped me legitimise it.
You would hope that the more expensive the course, the better the course would be. Can confirm it was worth every rupiah. 

What were you hoping to get out of the course? ie - were you hoping to become a full-time/freelance web developer?

At the end of the course I just wanted to have a website that I could launch so I could launch my business before 2019. And I did!

Describe your overall experience at IOC!

My first thought when I walked into the classroom on the first day was, “they thought of everything!”
From hydration to ergonomics to mental health and healthy food…they thought of every single thing.
Not only that, but I met some incredible humans (and puppies) from all walks of life, all with the same goal – to learn something new and change their life path, whatever it be.

What was your favourite lesson or new skill that you learnt while on retreat and why has this stuck with you?

The most memorable “lesson” was something I learned from Tina. I am not necessarily a shy person, but I do hate public speaking. In front of others and in a group situation I speak quite fast, quite uncontrolled, and quite nervous.
However, watching the way Tina presented herself, her knowledge, the lessons and her business was incredibly inspiring.

She spoke with intelligence, she spoke eloquently, and she spoke with ease – with confidence in every word. As a freelancer and small business owner, this is something I admired and felt inspired by.

Since then I have started doing more workshops and meetings and learning how to be more of a leader and less of a nervous-wreck in these types of situations!


How long had you been interested in Web Development before signing up for our Web Dev course?

In all honesty it was probably only a couple of months. I didn’t plan much and I applied on a whim, and it was one of the greatest chances I ever took.

What made you finally take the plunge with IOC?

That single meeting with Tina. Seeing someone who is so passionate about what they do and creating a sustainable business out of it with vast knowledge and intuition is more inspiring than words can say.
And also the opportunity to meet one of my favourite photographers, Emilio, was amazing!

If there was one piece of advice that you could give someone who is interested in learning to code?

Commit. Honestly, it was life changing.

How much experience (if any) did you have in coding prior to taking our Web Dev course? 

Literally zero. Except a good old MySpace code back in the day.
I did find it difficult, and I did cry at one point forcing one of the mentors to wake up at 5.30am and reteach my everything I learned the day before, but it was worth everything!

The website for my business!

Just ongoing work with https://surfconnectco.com/

We know that it can be quite daunting branching out on your own once completing our Web Dev course - how helpful have you found our Alumni Support Group? Have you used it at all?

I’ve used it a couple of times, but having a community I can go to for help is amazing!

What did you think of our chef team and the food that they prepared? What was your favourite meal?

I cannot believe they managed to cater for everyone! There were so many people with so many different dietary requirements and they nailed it.
I personally do intermittent fasting and do my best to eat healthy, and at IOC it was sooo easy!

I especially loved the raw balls that were in the fridge, they are my favourite type of snack.

What were some of the unexpected or surprising perks/benefits of your time at IOC? 

I think the one-on-one time with the mentors. They made me feel less scared of learning something new and they never made me feel judged or undermined if I didn’t know something.
Also, the ongoing support after the course. I have had Dan and Tina save my website (and my life) a few times since finishing the course.
They also helped me with photos for my website and helped me launch my business, which I am so grateful for.