The digital nomad lifestyle can be as exhausting as it is exciting. It is not uncommon to feel a general sense of malaise after the honeymoon high of jumping into a life of working from anywhere around the world.

As digital nomads we can pop into a co-working space and force our friendship on fellow world travelers, however; not all of us have that gregarious streak and might be in need of a little push!

You don’t need a boatload of friends around you at all times to cure those feelings, but rather, a way to manage your expectations, both mentally and physically.  From downloading apps to keeping a personal work schedule, creating a toolbox for yourself and packing it with the proper tools to deal with those solemn days can be surprisingly easy.

This is not to say that living and working as a digital nomad isn’t incredibly rewarding! In fact you can meet lifelong friends, create amazing memories, and have some of the best experiences of your life!

So if the loneliness starts to creep up, here are great resources to help you get back to the amazing adventure ahead of you.

1. Join Facebook Groups

Girls Love Getting Paid While They Travel – Females with a love of travel come here to discuss tips and tricks, adventure stories, as well as find out where other members are to connect in the flesh.

Travel Community – Engage and connect with fellow travelers. Get their advice and share your own stories as well.

2. Download the Right Apps

Meetup – Use Meetup to meet like-minded locals and travelers. The messaging feature within the app also allows you to chat directly with members and make plans.

Yarn – Yarn links you to other travelers based on your mood and energy-level that day. Whether it be a chill session by the pool or repelling down a waterfall - Yarn will match you appropriately.

Nearify – Discover all of the upcoming events in your next location.  You can share these events, invite friends and meet new people there.

3. Stay in touch with your therapist or mental health professional

Just knowing someone is there with an unbiased perspective can be a positive feeling. If you do not have someone from back home and are struggling to find a local therapist, there are dozens of online resources.

MedHelp is a health-conscious online community. They also have a mood tracker tool that can become an excellent way to check in with yourself or share with friends for accountability. Similarly, BetterHelp will link you to a licensed professional who can provide feedback and guidance on any mental health issue you may be having.

If you’re looking for a more introspective solution check out Calm or Headspace, which provide helpful meditations to get you re-centered during your hectic travels.

4. Get an adrenaline rush

 Check in with the local tourism offices and find a day trip outside your current home-base. Maybe it is a hike or a white-water rafting trip, either way, multiple travelers will be with you and an entire day gives you ample time to get to know each other.

5. Join a walking tour

You chose this nomadic lifestyle for a reason, so take advantage of it!  Every city has its own unique form of tourism that can help you feel connected to the local culture and recharge your love of travel and adventure. Each city has a number of tours and the best are usually free!  Bring some cash for tips at the end as well as a few questions you can ask the guide in order to engage and open up a dialogue with your fellow tour-mates.

6. Sign up for a cooking class

There is no better way to connect to the local culture than through food. You do not have to be a talented cook to enjoy learning about and eating a new cuisine!  AirBnB has recently added “experiences” to their site’s offerings, which is a great place to start your culinary search. I also make sure to check out Culture Trip before I head out on any trip. They have fantastic and up-to-date lists of cooking classes organized by city.

7. Keep a schedule

 Its seems monotonous, but waking up, getting coffee, walking to the workspace, answering emails, and jumping into work for a solid amount of time each day will leave you feeling productive and engaged.


Don’t forget that just because your digital nomad life can seem abnormal does not mean that you should stop doing the normal things that made you happy before.  Find and join a gym, go to the movies, get groceries and make dinner, or lay in bed and read a book. 

Traveling and living that digital nomad life is physically and mentally taxing.  Each day brings new challenges that put stress on our muscles as well as our brains. Sometimes we can forget how important our mental health is – keep it in mind, nurture it, and always remember to treat yourself with kindness. And never forget to just have fun!