Flashback to a year ago and you probably couldn’t pay me to learn to code. The task seemed overwhelming, impossible to tackle and frankly boring – especially when I envisioned my options: trying to go it alone with online courses or Youtube tutorials or signing up for a physical course that I’d have to take up in my free time on top of my full-time job. No, thank you.

But in reality, there was a need for me to learn. I was trying to launch this travel blog and running into constant small changes that I wanted to make on my own rather than having to dial a developer for each minor tweak. And I was on the hunt for skills that could get me on my way to the digital nomad lifestyle.

So when I discovered Institute of Code, a start-up running code retreats in Bali, on Instagram, a lightbulb went off. Could there really be a company trying to teach web development skills in an environment that didn’t make me want to cry?

Well, as it turns out — yes. It’s real. And it’s awesome. Investing in my career development and enrolling in Institute of Code is definitely one of the best decisions I’ve made so far in my travels and here’s why.

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