Interviews & Case Studies from Past Students

Entrepreneur Josh Littin on learning how to code

This overachieving kiwi built two sites during his 10-day stint with us. The first of which was a natural-language form that collects details from coHome applicants. Ready to be impressed? coHome, one of Josh’s biz babies, is an online portal that simplifies home-buying by bringing friends + family together to purchase property. His second web-dev project is a testament to his friendliness. Josh built a site for his mates at Woolar Capital - a structured credit advisory group.

Christina, Melbourne

The IOC mentors were patient and very willing to take time out of their breaks to help you figure out how to add a specific feature to your site. Not only did they teach us how to do things, but they went over how to trouble shoot and how to find the help we may need once we graduate. In 10 days I was able to build two sites completely and develop skills that I'll never forget. 

Apart from the curriculum we were also given the opportunity to visit landmarks and participate in water sports and other activities with the team. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn how to code in a relaxed environment!! Don't hesitate to apply or even ask the IOC team for more information!

How Annie Moon went from bartending to formulating top marketing strategies

Never one to get too comfortable, she took the ultimate plunge and decided to open up her own digital marketing consultancy - Mo Creative. Her drive and capacity for growth led her to us. She wanted to do more and offer more to her clients - coding literacy was the next frontier for her.

Millie Cooper on her life of graphic and web design

Coming in hot at number one among search listings for “Sydney Freelance Designer”, Millie is a force to be reckoned with in her field. She came to us with a specific goal in mind: to finally be able to speak intelligently to her team of developers. During her time with us, she made a point to include as much of the features and techniques she had learned in her final website, so that she could practice using them IRL.

Love from past students


2017 would be so different for me if I didn't go on this amazing intensive coding bootcamp with Institute of Code. I remember being nervous in enquiry emails because I had zero coding knowledge, but Terry assured me before I took the plunge that I didn't need any experience and that it was all setup to help us learn and support us in every way possible. Set in beautiful Bali... in a beautiful villa... catered food (thank you for catering wonderful vegan meals).. a fridge full of assorted beverages... it was the perfect environment for learning to code. If I had tried to learn this back in Sydney, amongst full time work and life in general ... I don't think I would have come away with the passion and knowledge that I have now for code. Tina, Emile and the IOC team are the most supportive, patient and inspiring people and mentors. You will surprise yourself with how much you can learn in 10 days! A true self esteem booster! :) An experience I'll never forget with fellow students and mentors I'm still friends with today! Looking forward to joining future courses! <3 Love you IOC!


I wanted to learn how to code and build my own website from scratch and I had absolutely no prior knowledge of coding (didn't even understand how it worked). The thing that appealed to me the most about the IOC course was that I could escape to Bali for 10 days and immerse myself in the course rather than try and squeeze it in around my full time job. It was a great balance of work and play with lessons and mentoring mixed in with sightseeing, relaxation and fun activities. Some people picked up coding quicker than others but Tina and the team were really patient with those (me for one) who struggled to grasp some of the more challenging aspects of building my website which I was really appreciative of. What Tina and the team have achieved in such a short time is inspiring. I would definitely be interested in attending more IOC courses in the future!


The best training investment I made in 2017 (the year isn't over yet but I don't think I will be able to top it!). I really wanted to build my own website and learn enough about code to help me work with developers and build a bit of cred. I had looked at various other classes, but it was the intensive nature of IOC and the idea of learning in one of my favourite places in the world that helped me make my decision. Not only did I walk away with a website and some knowledge, but I met some amazing humans and got to enjoy the experience of being a student again for 10 days. The people, the food, the mentors, the giant pool, the beautiful surroundings of Bali made this truly incredible. I can't wait to return to take another course with IOC.


Learning to code surrounded by amazing people in a stunning location! I never expected those 10 days to be that inspiring with all the additional lessons we had about how to grow your business/brand. I already had basic knowledge of HTML but during the time in Bali I learned so many new things about coding, that I am now able to build my own website from scratch. The only thing which was too fast for me is Jekyll - It's still hard to get that figured out. But I am really happy I made the decision to join IOC and I would do it all over again! Thank you guys for the amazing time!


IOC is the only way that I could have ever learned to code. I truly believe in the education Tina and Emile founded it on - if all of your basic needs are met, you are in a beautiful environment, then you have the headspace to accelerate your learning. 10 days of coding bootcamp in February and I went straight into freelance web development. IOC will give you relevant technology skills that are the basis of so many future careers. One of my best decisions of 2017!


Institute of Code was a truly unique and special life experience for me. It was the first time I got to spend time with incredible entrepreneurs and learn a skill that scared me. Whether it's coding or anything involving numbers, I always avoided these things I claimed to not be good at. I see myself as a creative type so anything with numbers, rules, and structure scared me. Learning to code while sitting in Bali (next to a pool even) made me realise that learning can be fun...something we forget after years of schooling. On top of that, I met friends at IOC that I am now working with and they'll continue to be a huge part of my life for years to come. My retreat was over a year ago and I still rave about this experience. I HIGHLY recommend it!!