Payment Options

Once you enroll you will have the option to either pay upfront, or in installments between now and 2 weeks before your course. If you pay upfront more than 3 months from the course start date, we offer a $100US discount on your tuition.

USD Bank Transfer

We have a US bank account and accept bank transfers (aka Wire Transfwes) with no additional fees on our side (check with your bank to see if they charge any fees).

We also have an Australian and EU bank account.

Credit Card Payment

Payments can be made by credit card via our secure app (processed with Stripe) for an additional 2.9% transaction fee and will be charged in USD.

Payment in other Currencies

All of our rates are listed in USD. For any credit card payments, you will be charged in USD and your bank will determine the exchange rate that you receive (this is typically the mid-market rate).

For bank transfers to our Australian or European Bank Account, we will use the XE mid-market exchange rate (this is the most fair exchange rate) to calculate your balance due.

Payment Plans

For those experiencing financial difficulties, we can offer a payment plan spread over 12 months at no additional cost. This is evaluated on a case by case basis, get in touch to see if you are eligible (no credit check in involved in this process).


We currently offer $250 scholarships for anyone working for a non-profit organisation who's training will directly impact that business. We also offer scholarships to individuals suffering from considerable personal hardship - these range from $100 to $500 and are evaluated on an individual basis.

At various times we release additional scholarships which will be shared on social media and to those who have registered on our email list.