We're going to teach you how to code on a tropical island in paradise.

(Seriously, scroll down)


We're pretty bummed about the stats when it comes to women in tech



And while we're just one small startup, we're trying to make a difference.

In our first 12 months we have:

- 85% of our students are female

- 70% of our staff have been female

- We've offered free websites to women-focused charities

- and we've given out 15+ partial scholarships


But this Christmas we want to go one step further, and offer 1 ambitious women

A $3450 scholarship

to our upcoming 10 day coding bootcamp

(That's the full tuition fee!)


Why coding?

because we know that it's an in-demand skillset

that can help accelerate your career and open up new opportunities for you. V

So who the hell are we?

We (Institute of Code) are a coding bootcamp that's doing education a little differently

We know that when we treat our students like real people and create an environment where all their needs are taken care of, something amazing happens...

They learn really fast

So we've dug into educational psychology and human performance to build a program that helps you thrive