It’s time to start living a life you are passionate about.

We’re giving one lucky person everything they need to kickstart their dream career, surround themselves with a community of people who think differently and finally start living a life that they don’t need a holiday from.



The major prize is now closed but we are still giving away a couple of $500 partial scholarships to attend either our Web Development Course or our Social Media & Content Marketing Course


I think about everything I want to do, and see and accomplish in my life and even if I were lucky enough to live for 100 years it still just doesn’t feel like enough time. Everyday I'm driven by this desire to make the most of every precious minute that we have. So when I see people who are settling for a job that they hate or a life that doesn’t inspire them, it’s heartbreaking. People tell me I’m brave for chasing my dreams, taking a leap of faith to pursue the things I’m passionate about but the truth is failure isn’t nearly as scary as the alternative… having a life that I’m just content with. It’s never too late to make a decision that this is going to be your year.

- Tina May, Co-Founder of Institute of Code


$500 scholarship to one of Institute of Code’s 10 day courses

You will receive a full scholarship (valued at $4250 - $4500) to attend one of our 10 day immersive courses in Bali. It's an all-inclusive program so you will live onsite at our beautiful campus in Canggu Bali while you learn in-demand digital skills that empower you to accerllate your current career or launch a new one. Learn how to build custom websites from scratch and talk the talk with developers at our Web Development Bootcamp throughout the year or become a blogger or social media manager at our Social Media & Content Marketing Bootcamp this January / February.

Ready to change your life?

Applications for the partial $500 scholarships ($500 off either the social media or web development bootcamp tuition cost) are open now.



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- Tina @HelloTinaMay

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Ts & Cs

Competition prize is non-transferrable and cannot be redeemed for cash. Any additional costs involved in redeeming the prize (including flights to Bali to attend the course, travel insurance, or associated costs) are not included in the course prize. Set dates are available, and the prize is not transferrable if you aren't able to attend yourself.
Competition is open to people all over the world, the only criteria is that you must speak and understand fluent english (as our courses are delivered in English), be over 18 at the time you attend the course, and be able to make your own way to Bali.
This is not a random lottery, we will hand select a winner at our discretion taking into account their written application and any bonus entries.