Creative Cloud Giveaway

We're conducting the biggest survey of graphic designers, and we want to hear from you. Fill in the survey below to go in the drawer to win a 12 month subscription to Adobe's Creative Cloud (worth $800)! Applications open to all current, past and aspiring graphic designers, and graphic design students.


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What is Institute of Code?

We are a career accellerator that runs 10 day immersive bootcamps on topics like coding and social media in Bali. We create an environment of accelerated learning, so you can learn in-demand digital skills while having an experience of a lifetime.

Social Media & Content Marketing Bootcamp - Learn how to build a brand, grow a following and earn money from your influencer. This course is perfect for anyone looking to become a professional blogger or influencer, or social media manager.

Web Development Bootcamp - With no previous technical experience we'll teach you how to build a portfolio of responsive websites in HTML, CSS and jQuery. Start freelancing, become a digital nomad or land a role as a junior web developer after only 10 days.

Applications open now for courses Dec 2017 - June 2018