What happened to the blogging retreat?

TLDR: It's still here, it's just called the 'Social Media & Content Marketing Bootcamp'

After the success of our first two blogging courses, we took the time to step back and speak in depth with our past students about what they got out of the program and aspiring future students about why they were interested in taking this course. Through this research we have refined our offering, expanding on the curriculum with a more indepth pre-coursework and focusing on the elements that are most valuable to our students.

In doing so, we descovered that this course wasn't just for aspiring bloggers -- it was for any one who wanted to learn how to grow an audience, build influence, and nail social media. Some wanted to become bloggers, others wanted to become social media or instagram influencers, and many of our students wanted to start a new career as a social media manager or grow their own business through social media and content marketing.

Most things haven't changed -- we're still working with experts in the field who have sucessfully dont this themselves. We're still offering lifetime support, and a comprehensive curriculum. We're still committed to creating the perfect learning environment, in our beautiful villa in Bali. And we're still helping people to take the leap and create a life they are passionate about. We just have a new name to do so.

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