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"The mentors were great, always there when you needed them and were so encouraging...Not only did they teach us how to do things, but they went over how to trouble shoot and how to find the help we may need once we graduate.
In 10 days I was able to build two sites completely and develop skills that I'll never forget. "

- Christine, Class of 2016

Learn to code In Paradise

We teach you how to code in a beautiful, immersive environment.

All Inclusive

While you're with us, you don't have to worry about a thing. Accomodation is taken care of, and our in-house chefs will look after you, so you can focus on learning.

Created For Your Learning

You'll never find a better learning environment.
We changed everything you know about learning, and have created the most optimal environment to help you get in the zone.

Mentor Supported

No matter what your goals are, we've found the best mentors to support you.
With plenty on 1-on-1 time, you'll always get the help to get to where you want to go.

Experienced Instructors

We only hire experienced instructors who are actively working in the industry and have a practical knowledge that goes far beyond a textbook. At every session we have 3 experienced mentors and one junior mentor, who are ready to share their skills and experience with you. Here are just a few of our talented mentors...

Dan Jebamony

Dan has woven his experience in web development, digital marketing and startups to become a full-time nomad.

Louise Bishop

A web and iOS developer with years of experience, Lu has taught hundreds of students from all over the world.

Shanna Barnard

Shanna brings years of development experience to the table from a variety of industries.


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