Accelerate your digital skills

This course is for those who already have some web development experience under their belt but to accellerate their careers and improve their workflow by learning the tools of the trade that professional developers use. With this 10 day bootcamp, you'll take things to the new level and be able to build bigger, more advanced sites while speeding up your workflow saving time and money. You'll have the skills to collaborate in larger development teams and open up new opportunities.


  • + development best-practices
  • + introduction to agile methodology
  • + building fast, reliable static sites with Jekyll
  • + supercharge your css with SASS & Compass
  • + scalable, modular CSS
  • + static e-commerce sites with Snipcart
  • + creating unique layouts (like this one!)
  • + embed videos & interactive maps
  • + cross-browser compatability
  • + how to set up hosting & domain names
  • + optimising your site for google

how to build kickass websites from scratch