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No blogging experience? No worries!

Looking to start blogging, or have a blog and want to grow your audience? Learn the fundamentals of Wordpress blogging and social media strategy so that you can gain the skills and confidence to grow. We'll be bringing along 4 expert bloggers who will teach you everything you need to know to turn your blog into a business, including content creation, SEO, brand development, brand partnerships, social media strategy, business development and photography. We've got Tommy from My Belonging, Stephanie from Honey & Silk, and Louise & Robin from Elite Jetsetter, who collectively have over half a million followers on social media. We'll also dive into editing programs like Lightroom and Photoshop to help you take and edit stunning photos. They will be joined by 3 other mentors with expertise in content strategy, photography, coding, and design.

Only 16 spots in each session... 9th - 18th Nov | 23rd Nov - 2nd Dec 2017



  • + Wordpress fundamentals
  • + Wordpress blog design
  • + SEO Optimization
  • + Content creation
  • + Social media strategy
  • + Instagram strategy
  • + Using Pinterest to gain targeted followers
  • + How to work with brands
  • + Lifestyle and Travel Photography tips & tricks
  • + Photoshop and Lightroom tutorials
  • + How to Gain Exposure

learn how to build a sustainable income as a influencer

Canggu Bali

This immersive retreat will be hosted in IOC's private pool villa in Canggu, Bali. We'll be nested in the rice paddies but close enough to all the action. Canggu is a hip surf town with boutique cafes and cool bars, but it still manages to maintain it's Balinese charm.

Our Villa

This stunning private villa will be your home for the 10 days, and likely the backdrop for your next profile picture! We'll have workshops during the day, and then hang out by the pool with a cocktail prepared by our in-house bartender or watch the sunset from one of the rooftop balconies.

The Food

We know that when you are nourished with great food you are better able to focus and learn, so all Institute of Code courses include meals prepared by an in-house chef team. They'll serve up Instagram-worthy meals, fresh fruit smoothies and cold ice-lattes to keep you on point.

Daily Yoga

Anyone who has tried it before knows that yoga is good for the mind and soul. We start our day with a sunrise yoga class and mindfulness meditation before we begin class. In the afternoon we will have either high-intensity training or afternoon yoga.

Included Activities

Let's explore Bali together

Every second afternoon will head out from our villa to explore all that Bali has to offer. Join us to wander through exotic markets, explore ancient rainforests, hit the surf or just relax with a cocktail by the pool. We'll visit the monkey forest and traditional art market in Ubud, wander through the Tegalalang rice terraces, watch the sunset at La Laguna, visit a beautiful water temple and more.

Testimonials from past students

"I have been blogging for over two years and felt like I was getting nowhere. In only 10 days this retreat changed the way I approach blogging and helped me to start setting the wheels in motion to turn my blog into a business. Just two months after my retreat, and I am writing more, landed my first brand collaboration, and feel like I have a solid strategy in place. My page views have increased by 110%, and I've doubled the number of followers on social media, not to mention boosted my engagement. This course was a game-changer for me and the value that the team at IOC are providing is insane -- learning in a beautiful environment surrounded by a community of like-minded people and a team of experts was by far the fastest and the best way to learn. If you want to become a blogger or an influencer I highly recommend this course."

- Justyn Jen Gourdin, Adventures of a Middle Child

"This past month I had the opportunity to attend the blogging retreat in Bali. It was such an incredible experience to be surrounded by so many kickass and inspiring people who are all doing what they love and chasing their dreams. Of course - it didn't hurt that we stayed in a luxury villa complete with our own personal chefs to feed us delicious food everyday. In just 10 days, we dived into building a brand identity, social media marketing strategy, photography, and even website development and design. My head is still buzzing from all of the information!"

- Kate Ganter, Escape with Kate

"I was skeptic. It seemed improbable that I could learn much of anything in 10 days, but I decided to give it a shot. After all, it was an excuse to go to Bali. I can honestly say it completely changed how I now approach blogging and social media. I hadn't realized that there was so much I had missed when I had initially launched my blog a year ago. Prior to my first day of class I had never even heard of SEO. And by the last few days I was reformatting the layout of my blog by myself. It’s amazing what difference total immersion can do for ones abilities!

To have an easily accessible support system is vital in any learning environment, and the IOC have nailed that. There was always a mentor on hand to help, and we grew into a big family that helped each other. The small number of students also allowed for individualized help to build our personal brands and work on our long term goals.

By being all-inclusive, you are able to focus solely on what you came for: to learn. IOC have got the formula down on how to turn your blogging hobby into a career. Everyone, regardless of if you are a blogger or not, should learn how to code. Why not do it in paradise?"

- Estelle Lee, Majical Joo

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