An archive of blog posts from 2017

Sep 28

Landing (and Keeping) Your Dream Remote Job

Here at the Institute of Code, we love remote work. After all, nothing beats working in an environment of your making, not having to sit in traffic, and being able to uproot whenever suits you.

But remote working presents many unique challenges, especially if you’re freelancing. Communication issues, lacking support,...

Sep 28

What You Need To Know To Be A Travel Blogger

It’s easy to fall in love with the idea of a financially independent lifestyle that sees you travel the world on a sponsored dime. But it’s incredibly difficult to actually achieve that lifestyle. Popular media has made travel blogging out to be a way to fast track your way to...

Sep 20

The best ways to keep your coding skills sharp

Keeping your coding skills sharp, especially if your job doesn’t require you to code regularly, can be quite difficult. One of the things that surprises new coders the most is how fast they find their freshly learned knowledge slipping away.

Learning how to code is learning a new language....