An archive of blog posts from 2017

Apr 29

7 Most Common Digital Marketing Mistakes People Make

If I could draw a picture of how the digital media landscape looks like, I’d draw a neo-Tokyo type rendition of a sprawling city, filled with neon lights all clamouring for your attention, and captivating, omniscient skyscrapers owned by a few corporations that seem to never stop growing. On street-level,...

Apr 25

Is it still worth learning web development?

Time is never on our side - that’s why we have to invest our time in the things that matter! That’s why a lot of people ask us, ‘Is it still worth learning web development in [insert year here]’.

As a company that teaches web dev, you’d expect us to...

Apr 12

Which Course Should I Take?

We’re proud to have just launched our brand new digital marketing course! In building The Institute of Code, we realised there were very few places people could learn updated digital marketing skills. Most were too theoretical or completely outdated. On top of that, very few places taught the technical skills...