An archive of blog posts from 2017

Mar 25

7 Things You Can Do Now That You've Learnt Coding

Learning web development can expand your horizons in much more ways than you might expect.

Yes, it’s true, you might now be able to build beautiful websites, and it’s true you’ll be joining an industry always thirsty for new talent. And while yes, it’s also true there will be over...

Mar 24

The Best Ways to Learn Web Development Fast

When it comes to learning new things, we can’t help ourselves wanting to hurry the process along. It’s natural to want to learn faster so we can do ‘the real things’ faster (and get paid for it!). That’s why here, we naturally get a lot of questions like, ‘What’s the...

Mar 14

Epic 2-Day Instagram Tour of Bali

We’ll take you to the most scenic, photographic, Instagrammable locations around northern Bali where you’ll snap, ‘gram and experience the beauty of Bali.

We’ve always enjoyed concluding our coding retreats on a high. After each student has bracketed their last element and triple-tested their media queries, we spend an afternoon...

Mar 11

Why every blogger should learn to code

It takes a lot of guts to become a blogger. You start with nothing and day by day, story by story, you begin to build your own following and create your own opportunities. 

But first things first. You need a website to get your message out there.

A ready-made Wordpress...